The Bluffs Bulletin Board: Wednesday Morning Ladies League

This sadly is our last gathering (09/25/13) for this wonderful season.
There were 17 present for luncheon today. We had a young guest in our presence today. Welcome, Tegan Hennies, Mary Lea Hennies’ granddaughter.
Tegan golfed with us this mornings and is proving to be a very good golfer when she get older. Keep it up, Tegan.
Thanks to Brenda Chatham for providing desserts with me (Pat Steckelberg). The cinnamon cake was great.
A final thanks to Ben Severson at Cherry Street Café for being out lunch provider this year. We look forward to having them back next year.
Our drawing winners:

$5 drawings: Mary Lou Christoperson and Ann Stewart.
Quarters: Marlys Jensen, Edith Nelson, Vanetta Youngworth, Thelma Raines, our guest Tegan Henniers and Mary Bartels.
Golf report: We had five lady golfers and our guest Tegan. The game was Pass The Buck.
Edith Nelson was our final money-holder. A couple tidbits: Darlene Engbrecht on #9 had a putt of about 30 feet and put it in. Mary Lea Hennies on one hole was putt-less.
Dominoes report: There were three tables.
Round 1: Mary Bartels, Joyce Zimmerman and Judy Sullivan.
Round 2: Tegan Hennies, Joyce Zimmerman and Judy Sullivan.
Round 3: Mary Bartels, Barb Boone and Vanetta Youngworth.
Total score: Tegan Hennies, Brenda Chatham and Agnes Mockler.
Dominoes shall continue through the winter at the Roadhouse Café at 12:30 lunch and dominoes to follow.
Tegan was winner in both events she took part in. See how much fun you can have with our group?
Put in your calendar the first Wednesday in May 2014 to come out to the Bluffs and join in with us.
Hope to see you next year (or around Vermillion).
Pat Steckelberg

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