Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

09/22/13 10:20 – A deputy investigated an injury accident northeast of Vermillion.

09/22/13 16:42 – A deputy mediated a dispute between two men over ownership of a vehicle.

09/23/13 13:04 – A deputy received a report of a bike found in the ditch southeast of Vermillion. The bike was brought to the Safety Center. It has not been reported lost or stolen.

09/23/13 18:03 – A deputy took a report of a juvenile stealing items from family members. The report was forwarded to the states attorney.

09/23/13 19:38 – A deputy investigated a report of a hit and run accident involving a parked car in Irene.

09/24/13 06:51 – A deputy investigated a non-injury one-car accident near Meckling. The car was damaged after striking a dog in the road.

09/24/13 11:03 – A deputy investigated a burglary at an abandoned rural residence near Wakonda.

09/24/13 11:46 – A deputy investigated smoke coming from a fire north of Vermillion. Upon investigation it was learned that the fire was a controlled burn.

09/24/13 13:10 – An inmate wanted for Clay County charges was transported to the Clay County Jail from the State Penitentiary in Springfield after his sentence was served there.

09/24/13 19:05 – A patient was transported to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness committal.

09/25/13 07:17 – A deputy investigated a two-car, non-injury accident north of Vermillion on DePaul Avenue

09/25/13 08:51 – A deputy investigated a report of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus. The vehicle was not located.

09/25/13 10:04 – A deputy assisted with the recovery of a vehicle from Brule Creek in Union County and assisted with the investigation of the scene.

09/25/13 11:50 – A deputy investigated a 911 hang-up call. No one was home at the residence and no suspicious activity was observed.

09/25/13 13:30 – The school resource officer investigated a reported theft of a musical instrument at the middle school. The item was recovered and returned to the owner. The report was forwarded to the States Attorney.

09/25/13 14:31 – A deputy investigated a second hand report of suspicious emails received by a woman. The woman had already resolved the matter with the sender.

09/25/13 17:06 – A deputy investigated a report of a fight in Burbank. One man was arrested for assault.

09/26/13 16:01 – A deputy investigated a driving complaint in Wakonda.

09/26/13 16:24 – A deputy investigated a minor accident involving highway markers on Timber Road.

09/27/13 12:57 – A deputy investigated a car/deer crash east of Vermillion.

09/27/13 17:02 – A deputy assisted with the investigation of a crash involving a train and a grain cart west of Vermillion. No one was injured.

Total Records: 21

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