Coyoteopoly Food Drive planned next week

Coyoteopoly,  a University of South Dakota student-run activity, will be holding its annual food drive for the Clay County Food Pantry next week. The organization’s planned activities include:

Saturday, Oct. 19     Distribute bags in community

Tuesday, Oct. 22      Hunger Awareness Education at Elementary Schools

                                    Activities for 3rd-5th grades; including a coloring and drawing contest

Thursday & Friday Educating at the university center on Hunger Awareness

Oct. 24 & 25              Asking for students’ support by wearing orange and fasting for a meal

and donating the cost to Vermillion Food Pantry

Friday, Oct. 25                     Hunger Awareness Day

Wear orange, fasting for one meal and donating the cost of the meal, or collecting and donating food items for the Vermillion Food Pantry.

Announce youth coloring and drawing contest

Saturday, Oct 26      Collect donations in community


The food drive provides the food pantry with over 50 percent of their annual need, and this year’s need is greater than years past because of government cutbacks. Coyoteopoly requests the public’s help and support by wearing orange on Hunger Awareness Day, fasting for a meal and donating the cost, and leaving non-perishable food items out by 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26.


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