Deep Science series coming to Vermillion Tuesday, Oct. 22

The public is invited to join the Vermillion Rotary Club for lunch and a live chat, by video, with physicists a mile underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (Sanford Lab) in Lead.

“Deep Science in the Black Hills” will begin at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the Al Neuharth Media Center on the University of South Dakota campus in Vermillion.

The presentation is free. The optional lunch is $8.

Physicists will be speaking from the Davis Campus of the Sanford Lab, 4,850 feet underground in the former Homestake gold mine. The Davis Campus is home to two world-leading experiments. The Large Underground Xenon (LUX) experiment is looking for a mysterious substance called “dark matter,” thought to be the predominant for of matter in the universe. The Majorana Demonstrator experiment is looking for a rare form of radioactive decay, which could help physicists explain the origin of matter.

The Davis Campus is named for the late Ray Davis, who earned a share of the Nobel Prize in Physics for an experiment he installed at Homestake in the mid-1960s.

On Oct. 22, physicists will present a short tour of the underground lab, by live video, then they’ll answer questions from the audience.

The event is sponsored by the Sanford Lab, the Vermillion Rotary Club, the University of South Dakota and the Digital Dakota Network.

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