Kevin Haller

Kevin Haller

Kevin Haller

Kevin Haller, age 51, of Atlanta, GA, passed away suddenly Monday, Sept. 30, 2013. Kevin was born and spent his early childhood in Vermillion. He earned his BA at Savannah College of Art and Design, formerly Atlanta College of Art. Kevin was a musician and artist. He lived in Atlanta for over 30 years, where he shared his music at many venues.

Kevin is survived by his father and mother, Gary and Mary-Ellen Haller; sister, Amber Haller Swindle and her husband, Kail Swindle; niece, Catherine; nephew, Jack; longtime companion and best friend, Barbara Vesey Johnson; uncle, Mel Haller and his wife, Debra Plotkin; aunt, Karen Ferris; cousin, Mark Ferris; and countless friends and fellow artists/musicians.

A celebration of Kevin’s life was held Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 4 to 8 p.m. at his Studio. Contributions in lieu of flowers may be made to: Eyedrum, Inc. 290 MLK DR, SE, STE 8, Atlanta, GA 30312 or, In Memory of Kevin Haller.

“I cannot express to you how important an artist he was, and how that’s eclipsed by the amazing soul that lived in him. Had he never written or played a note, or never painted or drew, or never created grand pieces of sculpture, or never compiled visually stunning video art, he still would be a singularly inspirational figure and a truly unique and accomplished person; he was blessed with childlike wonder without the silly naiveté, and knew himself as well as anyone I know.

“He worked to support a life-long art habit and we were all the benefactors with The Burning Artist(s) Sale, Killer Haven, and the many other art/music projects he was a part of. Thank you Kevin.”

Andy Fedder

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