Lavin wins Region 3A XC meet

Vermillion’s Maddie Lavin claimed the Region 3A cross country title Oct. 18, and will compete in the state meet in Rapid City on Saturday, Oct. 26.  (Submitted photo)

Vermillion’s Maddie Lavin claimed the Region 3A cross country title Oct. 18, and will compete in the state meet in Rapid City on Saturday, Oct. 26.
(Submitted photo)

By Scott Bormann

Maddie Lavin dominated the field in Lennox on Oct. 18 for the Region 3A title. She survived the cold, wet and windy conditions to finish 15 seconds ahead of Ashlynn Atwood of Beresford. Maddie’s time was 14:45 over the 4,000-meter course.

“Maddie ran a great race. She went out and took command right from the start, and was definitely the class of the field,” said Coach Kelly Fischbach. She was the only Tanager to qualify for the state meet, which will be run in Rapid City at Robbinsdale at 12:30 p.m. (Mountain Time). Her goal is to place in the top five at state, which Fischbach feels is very reachable. If she runs well, she even has a chance to bring back a championship to Vermillion.

“Haley Stref from Madison would be my favorite to win based on performances that I have seen this fall,” said Fischbach. Emily Hawkes, the defending champ from Madison, and a girl from Custer who won the mile at the state track meet, are expected to mix things up with Maddie at the front of the pack. Fischbach stated that the starting positions will be a huge factor in the race.

Both boys and girls teams ran well. “Most of the kids having either their best or second best times of the year,” said Fischbach. “You really can’t ask for anything more from them.”

We bid a fond farewell to the senior leadership of Caitlin Britten, Joe Swanson, Kevin Helenurm, and Justin Bendesky. With a stable of seventh graders forming the core of the boys team, with some hard work and dedication, their future looks bright for next season. The girls, being lead by a very talented eighth grader, are also looking for great things next season as a team.

Girls 4km results

Team Scores: 1-Ethan/Parkston (43 points), 2-Beresford (45), 3-Dakota Valley (69), 4-Canton (79), 5-Bon Homme (80), 6-Lennox (81), 7-Sioux Falls Christian (94), 8-Elk Point-Jefferson (121), Vermillion (134).

Individual Results (top 10, plus Vermillion):

1-Madisen Lavin (Vermillion: 8th Grade) 14:45; 2-Ashlynn Atwood (Beresford: 9th)15:00; 3-Maisey Bainbridge (Lennox: 9th) 15:13; 4-Marisa Schulz (Dakota Valley: 9th) 15:14; 5-Maddison Hajek (Bon Homme: 10th) 15:21; 6-Josie Heeren (Elk Point-Jefferson: 10th) 15:27; 7-Audrey Brooks (Sioux Falls: 12th) 15:35; 8-Taya Heisinger (Ethan/Parkston: 10th) 15:40; 9-Cait Savey (Beresford: 8th) 15:48; 10-Lexy Leischner (Ethan/Parkston: 7th) 15:49… 45-Elena Freeman (Vermillion: 10th) 18:33; 46-Katie Kost (Vermillion: 10th) 18:3851-Britney Sweeney (Vermillion: 11th) 19:2053-Caitlin Britten (Vermillion: 12th) 20:38.

Boys 5km results:

Team Scores: 1-Lennox (22 points), 2-Dakota Valley (40), 3-Beresford (47), 4-Sioux Falls Christion (73), 5-Ethan/Parkston (99), 6-Bon Homme (111), 7-Canton (123), 8-Tea Area (132), 9-Elk Point-Jefferson (138), 10-Vermillion (183).

Individual Results (top 10, plus Vermillion):

1-Nathan Timmerman (Lennox: 11th Grade) 17:11; 2-Graham Bacon (Dakota Valley: 12th) 17:12; 3-Hunter Paulsen (Elk Point-Jefferson: 11th) 17:14; 4-Mitchell Peters (Lennox: 10th) 17:17; 5-Riley Schaap (Beresford: 12th) 17:20; 6-Austin Weischedel (Lennox: 11th) 17:25; 7-Blake Perryman (Dakota Valley: 12th) 17:26; 8-Caleb DeWeerd (Sioux Falls: 9th) 17:26; 9-Peter Auch (Beresford: 10th) 17:32; 10-Charlie Long (Dakota Valley: 10th) 17:43… 35-Justin Sorensen (Vermillion: 7th) 19:2550-Kevin Helenurm (Vermillion: 12th) 20:4154-Tyler Develder (Vermillion: 7th) 21:1456-Justin Bendesky (Vermillion: 12th) 22:44; 57-Logan Wadley (Vermillion: 7th) 23:40.

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