Tanagers compete in inaugural Dakota XII Cross Country Meet

By Scott Bormann

How do the best runners for your teams have so much slower times than the last meet?

In Cross Country, with the courses all being different, there is always some variation in recorded times, but Madison Lavin and Justin Sorensen were much slower in Elk Point-Jefferson on Thursday than they were in Lennox the previous Thursday. The greatest reasons center around course condition, weather, and health. Two of these were suffered by the Tanagers: Weather and health.

“Both Maddie and Justin had been sick last week, as well as Elena Freeman who did not even go to the meet due to illness,” said Coach Kelly Fischbach. “Times were actually pretty good considering health and the monsoon winds. The kids competed well, with everyone having one of their top two times of the season.”

I commend these runners for fighting through such rough conditions, but hope that they are taking care of themselves so that they have great performances again at Lennox at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17, for the Regions.

This meet will determine which runner will qualify for the State Meet in Rapid City on Saturday, Oct. 26.

The course in Lennox is a nice runners’ course. None of us have control over what Mother Nature throws at us. Hopefully there is enough time for these runners to gain their health back so they can be at top form.

Girls 4km Results:

1-Hailey Streff (Madison) 14:37.40; 2-Maisey Bainbridge (Lennox) 14:49.94; 3-Madisen Lavin (Vermillion) 14:56.98; 4-McKayla Wieczorek (West Central) 15:03.84; 5-Emily Hawkes (Madison) 15:14.39; 6-Cami Streff (Madison) 15:14.86; 7-Josie Heeren (Elk Point-Jefferson) 15:15.05; 8-Hanna Wahl (West Central) 15:19.70; 9-Ashlynn Atwood (Beresford) 15:24.36; 10-Riley Hallman (Tri-Valley) 15:36.94; 11-Summer Smith (West Central) 15:45.34; 12-Marisa Schultz (Dakota Valley) 15:48.14; 13-Audrey Brooke (Sioux Falls) 15:51.74; 14-Cait Savey (Beresford) 15:57.71; 15-Lexi Snyder (Dell Rapids) 16:10.86; 16-Maddie Nipe (Madison) 16:17.30; 17-Shelby Bickett (Beresford) 16:23.28; 18-Natalie VanWyhe (Canton) 16:24.69; 19-Carlie Long (Dakota Valley) 16:26.62; 20-Shaylee Hoff (Dell Rapids) 16:31.21 … 54-Katie Kost (Vermillion) 20:05.96; 57-Britney Sweeney (Vermillion) 20:58.57; 58-Caitlin Britten (Vermillion) 21:25.57; 59-Sophia Taggart (Vermillion) 21:44.56.

Team Results: 1-Madison (26 points); 2-West Central (44); 3-Beresford (55); 4-Lennox (79); 5-Canton (97); 6-Dell Rapids (100); 7-Dakota Valley (109); 8-Elk Point-Jefferson (117); 9-Tea Area (155); 10-Vermillion (158).

Boys 5km Results:

1-Caleb DeWeerd (Sioux Falls) 17:27.56; 2-Graham Bacon (Dakota Valley) 17:31.06; 3-Nathan Timmerman (Lennox) 17:31.20; 4-Hunter Paulsen (Elk Point-Jeffeson) 17:32.85; 5-Riley Schaap (Beresford) 17:33.37; 6-Peter Auch (Beresford) 17:37.87; 7-Blake Perryman (Dakota Valley) 17:39.14; 8-Austin Weischedel (Lennox) 17:40.76; 9-Mitchell Peters (Lennox) 17:44.57; 10-Reid Guse (Madison) 17:48.08; 11-Caden Skinner (Sioux Falls) 17:48.82; 12-Charlie Long (Dakota Valley) 17:53.43; 13-Hunter Streff (Madison) 17:53.46; 14-Garrett Miles (West Central) 17:55.14; 15-Josh Friese (Lennox) 17:58.41; 16-Garrett Hubbell (Madison) 18:16.96; 17-Mike Erlandson (Beresford) 18:18.48; 18-Benjamin Miles (West Central) 18:20.87; 19-Gabe Smith (West Central) 18:28.82; 20-Creighton Raabe (Lennox) 18:44.43 … 35-Justin Sorensen (Vermillion) 19:37.11; 41- Joe Swanson (Vermillion) 19:56.97; 54-Kevin Helenurm (Vermillion) 21:17.15; 61-Justin Bendesky (Vermillion) 22:44.49; 62-Tyler Devander (Vermillion) 23:46.84; 63-Logan Wadley (Vermillion) 23:51.80.

Team Results: 1-Lennox (32 points); 2-Beresford (47); 3-Dakota Valley (50); 4-Madison (59); 5-West Central (68); 6-Sioux Falls Christian (83); 7-Dell Rapids (130); 8-Canton (161); 9-Vermillion (177); 10-Tea Area (178).

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