Vermillion Police Department Calls

09/22/13 02:27 – Caller reported a loud party. When officers arrived the party was dispersing and the noise was reasonable.

09/22/13 10:43 – Officers arrested a juvenile on probation at the request of the probation officer.

09/22/13 11:46 – Caller reported a vehicle tires had been slashed. Under investigation.

09/22/13 12:11 – A set of found headphones was turned into police. They were placed in safekeeping.

09/22/13 13:14 – Officers responded to a report of a woman lying in the roadway. Officers assisted the ambulance with evaluating the patient and provided transport back to her residence.

09/22/13 13:48 – Caller reported a child’s bike stolen from his yard.

09/22/13 16:01 – Caller reported an erratic driver. Investigation revealed that a woman had been yelling verbal threats at a driver, who in turn feared she would be assaulted.

09/22/13 23:33 – Caller reported an unknown person was pounding on the front door and may have broken the porch light. Officers responded and checked the area, no one was found.

09/23/13 09:02 – Caller reported his vehicle damaged. Under investigation.

09/23/13 09:52 – Caller reported her vehicle may have been entered illegally and gone through.

09/23/13 10:40 – A landlord reported finding stolen property after evicting some tenants.

09/23/13 12:55 – Officers assisted the Parks Department with evicting two campers who had been in Lion’s Park for several weeks.

09/23/13 14:00 – Officers were called to report of threats. Investigation revealed that a mother and her adult daughter lived together and were not getting along. No physical violence had occurred.

09/23/13 14:39 – School resource officer investigated an assault at the middle school.

09/23/13 18:18 – Caller reported his bike was stolen. Officers located the bike in safekeeping and returned it to the owner.

09/23/13 19:15 – Officers located an abandoned bike. There was a card with a first name on it. The SRO recognized the name and found the responsible party. The bike was returned to its owner.

09/24/13 04:31 – Officers responded to a medical alter alarm. The alarm had accidentally been activated, nothing was amiss.

09/24/13 04:58 – Officers impounded a vehicle illegally parked for more than 24-hours that had been previously cited.

09/24/13 05:05 – Officers impounded an illegally parked vehicle that had three unpaid parking citations.

09/24/13 08:19 – Driver was cited for speeding in a school zone.

09/24/13 11:19 – Business reported a fake $50 bill was passed at their establishment. Under investigation.

09/24/13 13:03 – Caller reported items stolen from their vehicle.

09/24/13 13:30 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

09/24/13 13:55 – Caller reported her vehicle had been driven without her permission. Under investigation.

09/24/13 14:25 – Caller reported someone may have taken out a loan using the victim’s name and information. Under investigation.

09/24/13 14:51 – Business called to report a man acting in a threatening manner after being carded as required by law.

09/24/13 14:54 – Caller reported her storage unit had been broken into and items were missing. Under investigation.

09/24/13 16:07 – Officers investigated a one-vehicle injury accident.

09/24/13 16:35 – Caller reported a vehicle parked with a child sleeping inside and was worried they might be in danger. Officers responded but the vehicle was gone when they got to the location.

09/24/13 16:47 – Officers were called to a dispute between two former friends. The dispute centered on the conditions that had been in place surrounding the use of a vehicle. The issue was a civil issue and both parties were so advised.

09/24/13 17:11 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

09/24/13 17:16 – Caller reported her vehicle was stolen. Officers located the vehicle a short distance away parked.

09/24/13 17:18 – Caller reported a symbol that had been mounted on his building had been removed and stolen. Under investigation.

09/24/13 17:42 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/24/13 19:16 – Caller reported a teenager had thrown rocks at them. Under investigation.

09/24/13 20:27 – Officers responded to a report of an erratically driven vehicle. South Dakota troopers stopped the vehicle and the driver was arrested for DUI.

09/24/13 21:17 – Caller turned over a found bike.

09/25/13 06:02 – Caller reported a elderly woman appeared lost and disoriented. The woman was found and was in the care of others.

09/25/13 08:45 – Officers responded to a CO detector alarm. Officers insured the building was evacuated and turned the scene over to the fire chief.

09/25/13 08:59 – Caller reported a suspicious vehicle. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

09/25/13 12:04 – A car license plate was found and turned over to police. The owner is being sought.

09/25/13 14:04 – Caller reported an illegally parked vehicle. The vehicle was cited.

09/25/13 16:58 – Complainant reported she was expecting a package but it was delivered to her old address and she was having trouble getting the package from the new renter.

09/25/13 17:06 – Officers located a participant in a fight that had occurred in the county. Officers interviewed the subject until a deputy arrived.

09/25/13 18:00 – Caller reported a woman refusing to leave the restaurant after being told. Investigation revealed the woman was upset over a misunderstanding about a delivery pizza and had come to the store. She was disrupting the business and told to leave, but initially did not leave. Officers spoke to the woman and the issue was resolved.

09/25/13 18:10 – Caller reported an elderly man missing. Officers found the man and returned him to his caregiver.

09/25/13 19:39 – Caller reported a harassment situation, which may be a violation of a protection order. Under investigation.

09/25/13 20:00 – Caller reported her juvenile son was late returning home in compliance with a court-ordered probation. Officers counseled the young man.

09/25/13 20:14 – Caller reported a dispute with an ex-boyfriend over the use of a truck. Under investigation.

09/26/13 00:59 – Officers responded to a report of a man lying in the roadway. The man was gone when officers arrived.

09/26/13 01:02 – Officers responded to a noise complaint. The renter agreed to stop the noise.

09/26/13 04:17 – Officers responded to a burglary alarm at a local business. The alarm was accidentally set off by an authorized employee.

09/26/13 07:54 – Business reported a theft. Under investigation.

09/26/13 09:32 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The caller said it was an accident. Nothing appeared amiss.

09/26/13 11:04 – Complainant reported some signs taken from his front yard.

09/26/13 12:34 – Officers responded to a complaint of garbage in their yard. Investigation revealed the garbage was likely from a vehicle that parked in front of the house regularly and visited a neighbor’s house. All parties were contacted and hopefully the problem is resolved.

09/26/13 12:53 – Caller reported that neighbor children are playing in a construction area and was concerned for their safety. The construction company was contacted to provide better perimeter control and additional police patrols were added.

09/26/13 13:20 – Officers responded to a report of a patient losing consciousness. Officers provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/26/13 17:31 – Caller turned over a driver’s license found on the ground. Officers returned the license to its owner.

09/26/13 18:04 – Vehicle cited for excessive speed.

09/26/13 22:14 – Caller reported the odor of burning marijuana in her apartment complex. Officers responded but could not smell the odor.

09/26/13 22:26 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/26/13 22:44 – Officers were called to assist a trooper who had stopped a vehicle and arrested the driver for DUI. The vehicle reeked of burnt marijuana and investigation revealed that the driver and three passengers had been smoking marijuana while driving around. The three were arrested on charges of ingestion and possession of marijuana.

09/27/13 01:29 –Officers responded to assist university police with subjects urinating in public. Officers identified a young man with the offender and found he was intoxicated and underage. He was cited for underage drinking.

09/27/13 09:15 – Officers were requested to follow-up on a truancy situation. Investigation revealed the parents and students had overslept. Additionally, the adults were intoxicated, on probation and drugs and drug paraphernalia was found. Under investigation.

09/27/13 10:01 – Caller turned over a wallet found on the roadside.

09/27/13 11:30 – Officers received information that there were yard signs inside a rental residence. Officers contacted the renters who turned over several signs that clearly did not belong to them. The signs were returned to their owners. Under investigation.

09/27/13 11:42 – Complainant reported a stolen bike.

09/27/13 12:10 – Caller turned over a found wallet. The owner was contacted.

09/27/13 13:41 – Compliant reported a missing trashcan.

09/27/13 15:45 – Officers responded to a traffic dispute.

09/27/13 16:16 – Officers provided traffic control for a fire at a local business.

09/27/13 16:16 – Officers assisted an elderly person who had fallen and needed help getting up.

09/27/13 17:10 – Caller requested information on how to safely divorce her spouse. She was provided contacts for resources.

09/27/13 17:38 – Caller reported loud music. The music stopped before officers arrived.

09/27/13 21:55 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up. Nothing was found amiss.

09/28/13 00:44 – Caller reported an underage person in a local bar. The bar was checked but the person was not located.

09/28/13 02:37 – Vehicle was stopped for inoperable taillight. The driver indicated he had been warned about the light approximately a month ago and had not fixed it. Four of the passengers were underage and had been drinking. They were cited.

09/28/13 04:00 – Officers responded to a report a man wandering in traffic. Officers found the man. The man was very intoxicated and provided a false information about his identity and age. He was found to be under 21 and arrested for MIP and False Impersonation. While being booked he was found to be in possession of a stolen cell phone. Under investigation.

09/28/13 10:41 – Officers recovered a possible stolen bike.

09/28/13 12:12 – Officers received information of possible drug use and underage drinking. Under investigation.

09/28/13 18:33 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/28/13 20:55 – Caller reported a shoplifter. Under investigation.

09/28/13 21:41 – Officers responded to a report of a gas leak at a residence. Fire department arrived quickly and secured the situation.

09/28/13 21:46 – Business owner requested assistance patron refusing to leave. The subject left after police were called.

09/28/13 22:53 – Caller reported a vehicle with open alcohol containers inside. Investigation did not find any alcohol containers.

Total Records: 86

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