Vermillion Police Department Calls

Vermillion Police Department Calls

09/29/13 00:36 – Caller reported a group of young people riding a bike, put the bike down and walk away. Officers checked the area but did not find the young people.

09/29/13 01:01 – Officers attempted to contact the responsible parties for a house party. Several of the renters refused to meet with the officer and the party continued, there were clearly several underage people drinking at the party. A search warrant was obtained, eight partygoers were cited for underage consumption and/or maintaining a common nuisance.

09/29/13 06:04 – Officers responded to a diabetic emergency and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/29/13 08:52 – Caller reported their neighbor’s garbage was blowing into their yard. On arrival, officers found the neighbor picking up the garbage.

09/29/13 11:02 – Caller reported vandalism to her vehicle. Officers were unable to locate any usable evidence.

09/29/13 11:44 – Caller reported a possible child neglect situation.

09/29/13 14:01 – Complainant reported a street sign had been downed.

09/29/13 16:53 – Caller requested documentation of a damaged vehicle from a rock thrown by a lawnmower.

09/29/13 17:53 – Caller reported damage to his vehicle from a grocery cart.

09/29/13 18:10 – Caller reported an unknown man at this residence behaving in an unusual and threatening manner. The man was contacted and found to have an active arrest warrant.

09/29/13 21:38 – Officers were called to the scene of a domestic dispute. A man was arrested for domestic assault.

09/30/13 03:37 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The caller was advising that there was not a fire at his location and the fire alarm had gone off while food was being cooked. No fire alarm was ever transmitted.

09/30/13 07:25 – Officers investigated a two-car non-injury accident.

09/30/13 09:54 – Caller reported her business had been burgled sometime in the last day and a half. Under investigation.

09/30/13 10:42 – Local school reported vandalism to playground equipment. Under investigation.

09/30/13 14:16 – Caller reported his bike stolen.

09/30/13 16:07 – Officers responded to a 911 call, which turned out to be an accidental dial.

09/30/13 17:06 – Officers responded to a fight call. Investigation revealed one of the parties had fled. While investigating, another person was found to have arrest warrants and was arrested.

09/30/13 17:30 – Officers were called to dispute between two renters in the same building. The dispute centered on who should have the authority to lock the common laundry area the two renters shared. They were encouraged to contact their landlord to resolve the dispute.

09/30/13 20:34 – Caller reported an erratically driven vehicle. The vehicle had left the area when officers arrived. The caller was not willing to pursue the issue.

09/30/13 23:14 – Officers responded to a business alarm. The alarm had been accidentally activated by an employee.

10/01/13 00:02 – Officers assisted with a medical call.

10/01/13 01:31 – Caller reported someone pounding on the side of her house. Officers checked the area but did not locate anyone. Additional security checks were done.

10/01/13 09:05 – Caller reported an electric meter stolen. Under investigation.

10/01/13 14:10 – Officers responded to a two-vehicle accident with no injuries reported.

10/01/13 15:28 – Caller stated trucks were driving on a non-truck route. The trucks belonged to the City and were actively involved in a City project. They are by definition exempt from the restriction.

10/01/13 15:47 – Driver cited for expired license plates.

10/01/13 18:54 – Caller reported a 6-year-old boy playing in the road at the edge of a storm drain. Officers responded and insured the boy was safe.

10/01/13 20:08 – Caller reported two juvenile males were yelling obscenities. Investigation revealed the two boys had been removed from the library after refusing to be quiet and watch their language. The primary offender was contacted and admitted to some of the accusations. The officer counseled the young man.

10/01/13 23:47 – Caller reported an unknown man pounding on the outside of his house. Officers arrived and found the man unconscious lying in his own vomit. The man was clearly extremely intoxicated and an ambulance was called.

10/02/13 00:14 – Caller reported a loud party at a neighbor’s residence. Officers arrived and could see beer cans strewn about the yard, but the party appeared to be over with no noise coming from the yard or home.

10/02/13 01:19 – Caller reported someone had placed a dumpster in their front yard. Investigation revealed the dumpster was from the University and they came and recovered it.

10/02/13 01:46 – Officers assisted University Police with an arrest for possession of marijuana.

10/02/13 02:59 – Officers responded to a 911 call. Nothing was amiss.

10/02/13 07:30 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/02/13 07:40 – Caller reported her vehicle stolen. The vehicle was located and the caller realized she had left the vehicle at work the previous day.

10/02/13 11:30 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/02/13 12:37 – Business reported a customer had promised to come in and pay for services and parts for a vehicle repair, but had failed to come in. The customer was located and did not have the money to pay for the repair/parts. Case forwarded to States Attorney for review.

10/02/13 12:41 – Caller reported a stolen bike.

10/02/13 12:56 – Two woman reported ongoing harassing communications from an unknown male. Under investigation.

10/02/13 16:05 – Caller reported her vehicle was trapped by an illegally parked vehicle. Officers responded and assisted the caller in moving her vehicle and cited the illegally parked vehicle.

10/02/13 16:28 – Officers stopped a moped for several violation. The driver was not licensed as required by law and was cited.

10/02/13 17:30 – Caller reported a missing cell phone.

10/02/13 18:08 – Officers were called to dispute over the placement of tools near each other’s vehicles while working on the vehicles. Both parties were counseled to respect each others property.

10/02/13 18:15 – Caller reported an unknown man had asked for directions and then reached out and grabbed her breasts. The man then fled the area. Officers located the man. Under investigation.

10/02/13 20:14 – Caller asked for assistance in removing a bat from their home. Officers responded and looked for the bat but were not able to locate it.

10/02/13 20:36 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/02/13 23:03 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The caller had accidentally dialed 911.

10/02/13 23:24 – Neighbor complained that there was another loud party occurring at a nearby rental. Officer arrived and found the music was loud and there was clearly a party in progress. As the officer approached several young people fled out the back of the rental. No one would come to the door and the party was over. Noise prohibition charges will be pursued.

10/03/13 00:57 – Officers assisted a homeowner with removing a bat from their residence. The bat was released.

10/03/13 01:36 – Officers contacted a drunken man sitting on the ground. The man was evaluated and while clearly intoxicated appeared to be able to care for himself.

10/03/13 02:35 – Officers found a wallet on the roadside. The wallet’s owner was contacted and the wallet was returned.

10/03/13 05:26 – Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. The two parties had argued over the use of a vehicle, one of the parties was intoxicated. No physical assault occurred. Officers had to return later in the evening when the intoxicated person broke several items.

10/03/13 05:57 – Officers responded to motorcycle vs. deer accident. The deer perished, the motorcycle sustained only slight damage.

10/03/13 10:10 – Officers assisted an elderly person who had fallen and needed help getting up.

10/03/13 11:58 – Officers responded to a two-vehicle non-injury car accident.

10/03/13 14:49 – Caller reported a dispute over the payment for a hotel room. Officers determined the dispute was civil and advised the caller of such.

10/03/13 15:25 – Caller reported a sign stolen out of a rental yard.

10/03/13 16:29 – Caller reported a vehicle being driven erratically and was concerned the driver was intoxicated. Investigation revealed the driver was not intoxicated.

10/03/13 16:32 – Complainant turned over some cash found near the police department.

10/03/13 18:08 – Caller reported two intoxicated men tried to gain access to her home. They did not succeed. Additional security checks were requested.

10/03/13 18:14 – Officers assisted a local medical provider who was having difficulty with a subject pending transport on a mental hold. The transport was successful.

10/03/13 18:39 – Caller reported a possible verbal harassment. Under investigation.

10/03/13 18:48 – Caller reported a South Dakota Driver’s License had been stolen in Israel. Officers attempted to contact the Federal Government to report the theft and gain information for the caller, but the office in question was furloughed.

10/03/13 19:58 – Officers responded to a one-vehicle accident with no reported injuries.

10/03/13 20:01 – Complainant reported being threatened over Facebook.

10/03/13 22:45 – Officers issued a citation for open container in downtown.

10/03/13 23:26 – Officers issued a citation for open container to a woman drinking while walking down the road.

10/03/13 23:41 – Officers responded to a dispute where the renter was throwing his former girlfriend out of the apartment.

10/04/13 00:17 – Officers stopped a car for driving on the wrong side of the road. The passenger was cited for minor in possession/consumption of alcohol.

10/04/13 02:07 – Officers contacted a man urinating in public. He was cited. The officer pointed out that there was a porta-potty about 10 feet from where the man had urinated.

10/04/13 09:37 – Officers assisted another agency with tracking town a man to deliver a message.

10/04/13 14:40 – Complainant reported a vehicle had passed the school bus while the stop lights/sign were activated. Officers located the offender who admitted to the violation. Information forwarded to the State Attorney for charging.

10/04/13 15:00 – Vehicle cited for illegal parking.

10/04/13 15:07 – Complainant contacted police to explain why he had assaulted another party. Under investigation.

10/04/13 19:45 – Two vehicles cited for illegal parking.

10/04/13 21:49 – Officers contacted a pedestrian walking down the sidewalk drinking from and alcohol container. She was under 21 and was cited for minor possession/consumption of alcohol.

10/04/13 22:25 – Caller complained that a vehicle was parked in their driveway. Dispatch was able to locate a number for the registered owner who returned to the vehicle and moved it.

10/04/13 22:29 – Officer stopped a pedestrian drinking from an open beer can and cited him for open container.

10/04/13 22:34 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up. Nothing was found amiss.

10/04/13 22:39 – Officers contacted a pedestrian who was drinking from an alcohol container. He was cited.

10/04/13 23:01 – Officers served a search warrant on a house with a large underage party going on. Three renters and a another adult were charged with disorderly house and furnishing alcohol to minor.

10/04/13 23:59 – Bike officers assisted UPD who had four underage drinkers stopped.

10/05/13 00:25 – Bike Officers smelled the odor of burnt marijuana coming from a parked van. The four occupants were smoking marijuana and were all arrested.

10/05/13 00:35 – Caller reported a possible harassment situation. Investigation revealed the caller was calling for his son who was a at a bar and did not want to speak with officers about the alleged offense.

10/05/13 00:39 – Officers responded to a report of an unconscious man in a local bar. Officers provided medical care until the ambulance arrived.

10/05/13 00:44 – Officers contacted a man standing on the sidewalk drinking from an alcohol container. Subject was cited.

10/05/13 00:59 – Officers contacted a woman who was having trouble standing in the parking lot. When asked for ID, she handed him a bag of marijuana. When asked what it was she stated it was marijuana. She was arrested.

10/05/13 01:11 – Officers contacted a man urinating on the road about 20 feet from a porta-potty. He was cited for urinating in public.

10/05/13 01:14 – Officers responded with EMS to an unconscious man in a local bar. The man was treated and transported by ambulance.

10/05/13 01:41 – Neighbor reported an unknown female breaking into a nearby apartment by climbing through a window. Officers responded and found the window to the apartment broken and could see an unresponsive woman lying on the floor inside the apartment in a pool of blood. Officers found the front door unlocked and entered the apartment. The woman was awakened. She was very intoxicated and said she had locked herself out of the apartment, which was unlocked.

10/05/13 02:10 – Officers found an intoxicated man with a bleeding head injury sitting in the roadway. An ambulance was called. The man claimed the injury was caused when he fell.

10/05/13 02:31 – Officers contacted a man drinking from a container commonly used for alcohol while walking down the sidewalk. The container had a mixed drink in it and he was cited for open container.

10/05/13 02:46 – Caller turned over a wallet found near a porta-potty. The wallet had ID including a false Illinois ID card. The owner was known to police and contacted. Under investigation.

10/05/13 03:15 – Caller reported an unconscious man in a local restaurant. Officers contacted the man who was very intoxicated. The USD Support Team took over care of the man.

10/05/13 03:45 – Officers responded to a noise complaint.

10/05/13 05:04 – Officers assisted the Street Department with removing vehicle for the parade route. When owners could not be contacted, the vehicles were towed. Ten vehicles were towed.

10/05/13 08:51 – Subject reported losing some keys.

10/05/13 09:26 – A stop sign had been downed and stolen. The sign was replaced.

10/05/13 09:34 – Officers responded to a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

10/05/13 10:14 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/05/13 11:22 – A pedestrian waved over an officer. He was shoe-less and caring a trumpet. He had locked himself out of his vehicle. Officers assisted in calling the locksmith.

10/05/13 11:29 – Complainant reported her vehicle tires slashed. Under investigation.

10/05/13 12:34 – Caller requested assistance with a vehicle that is repeatedly parked in her driveway.

10/05/13 12:37 – Caller reported unknown persons had smashed out the back window of their car.

10/05/13 14:06 – Officers arrested the driver on a traffic stop for DUI.

10/05/13 14:25 – Officers contacted a pedestrian drinking from an open alcohol container. She was cited.

10/05/13 16:34 – Caller reported a man making lewd gestures to passing traffic. Officers contacted the intoxicated man, but he was not doing anything illegal.

10/05/13 17:34 – Officers arrested the driver of a vehicle for DUI.

10/05/13 18:50 – Complainant turned over several found items. The owner was located and items will be returned.

10/05/13 18:55 – Complainant reported the theft of a coat from his business.

10/05/13 21:10 – Officers contacted a man walking on the sidewalk and drinking from an alcoholic beverage. While being cited, it was discovered he was on probation and his probation officer wanted him arrested. He was arrested.

10/05/13 21:17 – Officers stopped a vehicle whose registration had expired in April of 2012. The driver was cited.

10/05/13 21:30 – Subject cited for urinating in public.

10/05/13 21:46 – Officers responded to report of a loud house party. The party dispersed after officers arrived, there were several underage people at the party who had been drinking the four renters were cited for Disorderly House.

10/05/13 22:34 – Officers contacted a man on the sidewalk with an alcoholic beverage. He was underage. He was cited.

10/05/13 22:39 – Officers contacted a man walking down the sidewalk drinking from a beer. He was underage. He was cited.

10/05/13 22:48 – Officers cited a man walking down the sidewalk drinking from a beer can.

10/05/13 22:54 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/05/13 23:06 – Officers contacted three men who were walking down the sidewalk drinking from beer cans. The three fled. An officer caught one. He was on probation and was arrested.

10/05/13 23:23 – Caller reported a large house party with loud music. Officers contacted the renters, the party appeared to be all but over. The renters agreed to turn down the music. No underage people were found at the scene.

Total Records: 121

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