Vermillion Police Department Calls

Vermillion Police Department Calls

10/06/13 00:22 – Officers contacted a man walking on the sidewalk drinking from an alcoholic beverage. He was found to be underage. He was cited.

10/06/13 00:27 – Found keys were turned over to police. The owner of the keys was eventually located and the keys were returned.

10/06/13 00:28 – Officers contacted a man on the sidewalk drinking from an alcoholic beverage. He was cited.

10/06/13 00:39 – Officers contacted a man on the sidewalk drinking from an alcohol container. The man was underage, and was cited.

10/06/13 00:43 – Officers responded to a fight in the street downtown. Investigation revealed an ex-girlfriend had confronted and assaulted her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. She was arrested. The boyfriend also had arrest warrants and was arrested.

10/06/13 01:19 – A woman was cited for having an open container of alcohol while walking down the road.

10/06/13 01:21 – Caller reported a juvenile runaway. Officers located the juvenile and returned him home.

10/06/13 01:27 – Officers cited a pedestrian who was drinking from an alcohol container.

10/06/13 01:57 – Officers recovered a bike and placed it into safekeeping.

10/06/13 02:09 – Officers cited a man who was drinking an alcohol beverage on the sidewalk. The man had an active arrest warrant and was arrested.

10/06/13 02:12 – Officers contacted a man sleeping in his truck, which was running. The man was intoxicated but did not appear to have any intent to operate the vehicle. The man was given the information on the Support Center and took advantage of the resource.

10/06/13 02:18 – Information was received that a man had made a suicidal statement on Twitter. Officers located the man and checked his wellbeing.

10/06/13 02:19 – Caller reported his vehicle may have been burglarized. Under investigation.

10/06/13 02:27 – Officers contacted two persons who were on the sidewalk with open alcohol containers. They were cited.

10/06/13 02:56 – Caller reported losing her wallet. She later reported she had found her wallet.

10/06/13 03:22 – Caller reported lost keys.

10/06/13 04:00 – Officers responded to a loud noise complaint. The suspect had been previously warned and was cited for violating the city ordinance.

10/06/13 08:05 – Caller reported her phone was lost.

10/06/13 08:14 – Caller reported a found briefcase. Officers assisted with locating the owner.

10/06/13 08:24 – Caller reported a vehicle blocking her driveway.

10/06/13 08:38 – Caller reported a vehicle parked blocking his driveway. Officers located the registered own and had the vehicle removed.

10/06/13 08:57 – Anonymous complainant reported possible social services fraud.

10/06/13 10:25 – Caller reported an unusual flame when starting the pilot light for the rental’s heater.

10/06/13 13:00 – Caller reported a tree limb had fallen on her vehicle smashing out the window.

10/06/13 16:19 – Caller reported a building unsecured. The building cleaning crew was contacted. Nothing was amiss.

10/06/13 16:37 – Caller reported three men trying to break into a car with a coat hanger. Officers contacted the subjects and verified they were breaking into their own vehicle.

10/06/13 16:40 – Caller reported a vicious dog chasing his bike. Officers were unable to locate the dog.

10/06/13 19:07 – Caller reported a sexual assault. Under investigation.

10/06/13 20:11 – Caller reported two vehicles racing. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicles.

10/07/13 05:07 – Officers responded to a business alarm. The alarm had been set off by an employee. Nothing was amiss.

10/07/13 08:53 – Officers delivered a message regarding a death in the family.

10/07/13 09:06 – Caller reported her driver’s license had been lost.

10/07/13 09:09 – School Resource Officer assisted with a truancy situation.

10/07/13 09:24 – Caller reported a two-vehicle accident. No injuries were reported.

10/07/13 13:35 – Officers responded a 911 hang-up. No one would answer the door, but there was clearly someone in the residence. The renter was contacted at work and stated there should be someone in the residence with her infant daughter. When the renter could not get a response to phone calls she returned to the residence. Everything was found to be all right. The babysitter was napping and did not want to answer the door or the phone.

10/07/13 13:40 – Caller reported a missing child. The child was located a short time later prior to officers’ arrival.

10/07/13 14:09 – Officers responded to a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

10/07/13 14:20 – Caller reported damage to a window.

10/07/13 14:29 – Caller reported her bike missing. Officers had previously found the bike and returned it to her.

10/07/13 15:29 – A found driver’s license was turned into police. The owner was contacted.

10/07/13 16:58 – Caller reported some fowl had been taken from her freezer. Under investigation.

10/07/13 19:58 – Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity. The subjects were lawfully present working on a job after hours.

10/07/13 21:27 – Caller reported a verbal only domestic that resulted in her looking for a place to stay for the night. Officers assisted in getting her to a family member.

10/07/13 21:47 – A third party reported a possible domestic situation. Officers interviewed the parties but found no evidence of physical assault or other domestic crimes.

10/08/13 02:15 – Officers intervened between a couple having an loud argument after seeing one of the subjects throw a cell phone across the street. The argument was defused and the subjects were sent on their way.

10/08/13 09:18 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/08/13 11:44 – Caller reported two found bikes in his front yard. Bikes were placed into safekeeping.

10/08/13 14:00 – A scooter was found and turned into officers. The scooter was placed in safekeeping.

10/08/13 15:12 – Caller reported an illegally parked boat trailer. The owner was located and the trailer moved.

10/08/13 18:29 – Subject with an arrest warrant was contacted and arranged to clear up the warrant.

10/08/13 19:03 – Caller reported a broken window.

10/08/13 19:36 – Complainant turned over a found dog. The dog was placed in the animal impound.

10/08/13 20:36 – Caller reported a bike stolen by another juvenile. Under investigation.

10/09/13 09:29 – Complainant reported multiple fraudulent charges on her debit card. Under investigation.

10/09/13 10:57 – Victim reported several storage units broken into. Under investigation.

10/09/13 11:38 – Subject arrested on outstanding warrants.

10/09/13 13:57 – Caller reported his vehicle had been burglarized.

10/09/13 14:50 – Caller reported an erratically driven vehicle. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

10/09/13 14:52 – Officers worked with a subject threatening harm to self and others and arranged for a mental health evaluation.

10/09/13 15:42 – Caller reported a stolen sign.

10/09/13 15:54 – Officers investigated a motorcycle vs. bike accident with minor injuries.

10/09/13 17:49 – Caller reported a child’s bike stolen.

10/09/13 17:52 – Caller reported a dispute over a dog defecating on private property.

10/09/13 19:41 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/09/13 20:24 – Caller reported a lost debit card.

10/09/13 21:34 – Caller reported a vehicle burglary with cash and other items taken.

10/10/13 01:19 – Caller reported several intoxicated people attempted to get into a vehicle. Caller discouraged them from driving and they left on foot, but was concerned they would return soon and drive the vehicle. Officers checked the area frequently but the vehicle did not move.

10/10/13 14:42 – Officers responded to a one-vehicle no-injury accident.

10/10/13 15:01 – Officers responded to a one vehicle no injury accident.

10/10/13 16:29 – Caller reported someone falsely using their name in an official proceeding. Under investigation.

10/10/13 19:48 – Caller reported a vehicle parked in a handicap parking space. The vehicle driver was contacted and had forgotten to put the handicap placard up, but had a valid placard.

10/11/13 00:30 – Officers were called to a man passed out on the roadside. The man was very intoxicated, but after being waken was able to care for himself.

10/11/13 02:59 – Subject was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant.

10/11/13 03:58 – Officers investigated an unsecured business. Nothing was found amiss.

10/11/13 07:46 – Caller reported a tree branch and fallen on a vehicle parked under the tree. The branch was cleared and the vehicle was not damaged.

10/11/13 12:10 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up. The call was an accident.

10/11/13 13:03 – An identification card was found and turned over to police. The owner will be located.

10/11/13 13:37 – Caller reported a semi parked blocking their parking lot. The semi was a moving company and moved the vehicle a short time later.

10/11/13 17:38 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/11/13 18:16 – Caller reported a child custody dispute. The issue was not criminal.

10/11/13 18:27 – Caller reported two dogs running at large fighting with a leased dog and threatening pedestrians. Statements were taken and referred to code enforcement.

10/11/13 19:50 – Complainant reported a traffic sign had been run over and was laying on the ground.

10/11/13 20:24 – Caller reported catching a juvenile in her vehicle. Investigation revealed three juveniles had burglarized several vehicles. Information forwarded to State Attorney for charging.

10/12/13 01:27 – Officers assisted the Sioux Falls Police Department in locating an overdue adult. Subject was located and was all right.

10/12/13 08:42 – Caller reported a juvenile missing. Officers searched for the juvenile who returned home a short time later.

10/12/13 09:56 – Caller reported a damaged section of fence.

10/12/13 10:58 – A found identification and other personal items were turned over to police. The owner was located and the items returned.

10/12/13 11:50 – Caller reported a down tree limb in the roadway. Officer responded and removed the tree limb.

10/12/13 13:43 – Officers responded to a disagreement between a mother and her adult daughter.

10/12/13 15:47 – Officers assisted a business with removing a snake from their driveway.

10/12/13 16:40 – An identification card and several other personal items were found and turned over to police. The owner was located and the items returned.

10/12/13 17:04 – Officers responded to a shoplifting situation. The subjects were identified. Under investigation.

10/12/13 22:47 – Caller reported water being placed in his vehicle gas tanks.

10/12/13 23:04 – Caller provided information about possible drug use and child abuse. Under investigation.

Total Records: 94

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