Vermillion Police Department Calls


10/13/13 03:34 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/13/13 07:09 – Caller reported his wife had fallen and could not get up. Officers assisted.

10/13/13 14:12 – Complainant reported off-road vehicles and motorcycles being driven at excessive speeds on the roadway. Caller was afraid children in the neighborhood could be hurt. Officers contacted the alleged offenders and counseled them regarding safety.

10/13/13 15:48 – Caller asked for help with his wife who had fallen and could not get up. Officers assisted.

10/13/13 18:14 – Caller reported finding several ‘For Sale’ signs in her yard. The owners of the signs were located and the signs returned.

10/13/13 20:16 – Officers responded to a dispute in progress. Investigation resulted in the arrest of one for assault.

10/13/13 23:14 – Caller reported excessive noise outside his apartment. Officers checked the area but the cause of the noise was absent.

10/13/13 23:18 – Caller reported a possible burglary. Under investigation.

10/14/13 12:52 – Officers responded to a fire alarm at the middle school. There was no fire.

10/14/13 15:19 – Officer found a large tree limb in the roadway and arranged for the street department to remove it.

10/14/13 15:40 – Citizen turned over a stray cat, which was lodged in the shelter.

10/14/13 16:57 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

10/14/13 17:57 – Caller reported her son being harassed.

10/14/13 21:54 – Caller reported the theft of $10 from his home by visitors. During the investigation, officers found the suspect had a warrant for her arrest and was on probation. She was arrested.

10/14/13 22:58 – Officers responded to a fire alarm at the middle school. It was a false alarm.

10/15/13 04:28 – Officers contacted a man who had an active arrest warrant out of Minnehaha County. While investigating, the officer discovered the man has shoplifted items from a convenience store, stolen a debit card and used to purchase items, and was driving on a revoked license. The man was arrested.

10/15/13 05:58 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. Nothing was amiss.

10/15/13 07:52 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/15/13 08:55 – Caller reported a vehicle parked in one location on the roadside for two weeks. The vehicle was removed.

10/15/13 09:01 – Local business requested officers advise a former employee not to return to the property. The former employee was advised of such.

10/15/13 09:03 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/15/13 10:00 – Caller reported money missing from a local business. Under investigation.

10/15/13 14:12 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

10/15/13 14:32 – Complainant reported losing a wallet.

10/15/13 20:58 – Driver stopped for speeding and cited for no insurance.

10/16/13 07:36 – Officers responded to a reported of a fight at a residence. The fight did not result in injury.

10/16/13 08:13 – School Resource Officer investigated a theft of a cell phone.

10/16/13 10:06 – Officers assisted the Court Services Officer with a home visit.

10/16/13 14:00 – Caller reported a fraud associated with a Craigslist ad. Caller had posted an item for sale. The suspect had agreed to buy the item and sent a check for an amount over the value of the item and asked that the rest of the funds be wired to his “shipper”. The check was cashed, and the bank discovered it was fraudulent.

10/16/13 14:36 – Caller reported a vehicle had passed the school bus while it was stopped with the stop lights and sign activated. Under investigation.

10/16/13 15:45 – A found vehicle fob was turned over to police.

10/16/13 19:53 – Officers responded to an alarm from a piece of construction equipment. The officer was able to stop the alarm.

10/16/13 21:32 – Officers responded to a report of a person making suicidal comments.

10/17/13 00:41 – Officers contacted a man who had been assaulted in a bar fight and had a broken jaw. Investigation resulted in the arrest of a man for aggravated assault.

10/17/13 09:13 – Caller requested help with a medical device. Officers were able to assist.

10/17/13 10:05 – Caller reported several personal checks stolen and cashed. Under investigation.

10/17/13 11:40 – Caller reported several items stolen while he was in jail. Under investigation.

10/17/13 18:20 – Caller reported an abandoned bike. Bike was placed into safekeeping.

10/17/13 20:30 – Complainant reported a sexual assault by a known acquaintance at a residence. Under investigation.

10/17/13 21:09 – Officers arrested a man on an outstanding warrant.

10/18/13 01:55 – Officers responded to a report of two suspicious men on the middle school grounds. Officers responded and searched the area but did not locate the men.

10/18/13 08:01 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/18/13 08:35 – Officers were requested to check the welfare of an employee who had not shown up for work or called in. The employee was found and was all right.

10/18/13 15:09 – Caller reported a patron gassed up their vehicle and then left the area on foot, leaving their vehicle parked at the pump. Officers contacted the vehicle owner, who apparently forgot he drove to the pump and had walked home. The owner recovered his vehicle and paid for his gas.

10/18/13 20:13 – Officers stopped a vehicle with expired registration. The driver did not have an operator’s license and was cited accordingly.

10/18/13 22:11 – Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding. There was alcohol in the vehicle and the driver and passenger were both 18 years old. The driver was cited for possession of alcohol.

10/18/13 22:26 – Caller requested assistance with an underage child refusing to return home and out in violation of curfew. Officers located the juvenile and returned her to her parents.

10/18/13 22:45 – Caller advised there were a group of masked people jumping out into the road startling drivers. Officers patrolled the area of the report but did not locate the subjects.

10/19/13 00:21 – Caller reported someone may have tampered with this vehicle. Officers assisted with inspecting the vehicle.

10/19/13 01:11 – Vehicle was stopped for inoperable lights. Driver was not licensed and the passenger had been drinking and was under age. Both were cited appropriately.

10/19/13 02:23 – Vermillion Officers assisted University Police with a DUI arrest.

10/19/13 13:58 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The call was accidentally placed.

10/19/13 14:15 – Caller reported her wallet missing possibly stolen. The caller later called to report finding her wallet with nothing missing.

10/19/13 14:35 – Stray cat was turned over to the City and placed in the impound facility.

10/19/13 16:18 – Caller reported inappropriate contact with a juvenile. Under investigation.

10/19/13 16:55 – Officers arrested a subject on three outstanding Clay County Warrants.

Total Records: 56

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