Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

11/10/13 01:57 – A Wakonda resident reported catching a stray horse. A deputy located the owner and informed him where the horse is.

11/10/13 13:14 – A deputy checked on two men standing by a stalled vehicle in Vermillion. One man was intoxicated and the other had a suspended driver’s license so once they got the vehicle started a third person was contacted to come and drive the vehicle away.

11/11/13 13:29 – A vehicle was observed speeding at 52 mph in a 35 mph zone in Wakonda. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for the offense.

11/11/13 18:13 – A deputy arrested a man for a Clay County warrant and transported him to the jail.

11/12/13 10:55 – A juvenile was transported from detention in Sioux Falls to Vermillion for court.

11/12/13 12:40 – A deputy investigated a report of a damaged mailbox at a residence on Timber Road.

11/12/13 15:52 – A deputy responded along with fire units to a grass fire at a Bluff Road residence.

11/13/13 13:40 – A deputy investigated a report of a trailer becoming detached from its tow vehicle on Highway 50. There was no damage.

11/13/13 15:00 – Two inmates were transported from the jail to the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls to begin their sentences.

11/13/13 15:48 – A deputy took a report of a stolen vehicle. Upon investigation it was found that the person with the vehicle was the registered owner and the dispute was a civil matter.

11/13/13 17:08 – A deputy responded to a report of debris on Highway 50. The debris was removed from the road.

11/13/13 18:36 – A report was received of cattle out in northern Clay County near Beresford. The owner was contacted and informed of the problem.

11/14/13 10:54 – An inmate was transported to a dentist appointment and then returned to the jail.

11/14/13 13:01 – A deputy stopped a vehicle for a stop sign violation and discovered a discrepancy with the registration. The registration stickers belonged on another vehicle owned by the same person. The mistake was unintentional and the problem was resolved.

11/14/13 16:27 – A deputy investigated a report of garbage dumped in a road ditch east of Vermillion.

11/15/13 10:46 – A deputy investigated a report from a Burbank resident who was scammed by a caller who tricked him into thinking his computer was infected with a virus and he needed to pay to have it removed. The matter is under investigation.

11/15/13 14:38 – Deputies investigated a non-injury, two-vehicle accident on the Highway 50 Bypass.

11/15/13 17:37 – A deputy assisted with traffic control at an accident scene at a busy intersection in Vermillion.

11/16/13 11:04 – While attempting to locate a wanted person, a deputy recovered a stolen highway sign at a residence in Vermillion.

11/16/13 11:10 – A deputy investigated a two-vehicle, non-injury accident near Wakonda.

11/16/13 18:11 – A deputy responded to a medical incident at a residence on Timber Road.

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