Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

11/17/13 00:34 – A deputy observed a vehicle operating without headlights. The vehicle was stopped and the deputy found the headlights worked but the driver had neglected to turn them on.

11/17/13 02:29 – Deputies assisted a highway patrol trooper with a search for a man who fled on foot from a traffic stop at a sobriety checkpoint.

11/17/13 17:30 – A deputy took a report of a suspicious person who stopped at a rural residence and took photographs.

11/18/13 07:41 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency at a rural residence.

11/18/13 08:53 – A vehicle was observed speeding at 68 mph in the 55 mph zone on 455th Avenue south of Wakonda. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for the offense.

11/18/13 13:33 – An inmate was transported from the Charles Mix County Jail to the Clay County Jail after being arrested there for a Clay County warrant.

11/18/13 14:46 – A rural property owner reported that people have been entering a vacant house on his property. He believed juveniles were breaking in to hold alcohol parties. Deputies will patrol the area. The past burglary is under investigation.

11/19/13 12:45 – An inmate was transported from the Charles Mix County Jail to the Clay County Jail after being arrested there on Clay County charges.

11/19/13 13:26 – A rural resident reported suspicious phone calls he believed were a scam attempt. A deputy confirmed the calls were an attempt to scam him saying he would win a prize for buying a subscription. No money was lost.

11/19/13 14:42 – An inmate was transported from the jail to a doctor appointment and then returned to the jail.

11/19/13 23:03 – A deputy provided traffic control assistance for a semi on Highway 46 that had a flat tire.

11/20/13 12:45 – A deputy investigated a protection order violation in Irene.

11/20/13 13:08 – A caller reported an erratic driver near Irene. A deputy located the vehicle and observed it was speeding. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was found to be distracted but not impaired.

11/20/13 14:30 – The school resource officer took a report of a lost cell phone at the high school.

11/20/13 15:14 – A deputy investigated a reported theft of medication from a vehicle in Irene.

11/20/13 22:00 – A deputy responded along with Fire units to a tree on fire near Wakonda.

11/21/13 14:31 – The school resource officer assisted with serving a notice to a person who is not a student informing him he is not welcome on school property.

11/22/13 09:32 – A deputy received a report of a vehicle left in a field approach blocking access. The vehicle owner was contacted and asked to remove the vehicle. The owner complied.

11/22/13 09:40 – A deputy contacted a rural landowner who had property stored in the road right of way near his property. There had been concerns reported about the items related to snow removal. The landowner agreed to resolve the issue.

11/22/13 12:52 – A deputy located a wanted person in Vermillion. The man was arrested and transported to the jail.

11/22/13 16:58 – A patient was transported from the hospital to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness committal.

11/22/13 18:01 – A deputy received a request from a woman who wanted someone to check on her children who live with their father. The children were found to be well cared for and there was no cause for concern.

11/22/13 18:24 – Deputies responded to a three-car crash near Beresford resulting in fatal injuries to one driver. Three other people were injured. The Highway patrol conducted the crash investigation.

11/22/13 18:37 – A deputy responded to the jail to assist with a disruptive inmate.

11/23/13 00:43 – A request was received to check the welfare of a rural resident. A deputy responded and found no one home. The residence was found to be in Union County so the Union County Sheriff was informed of the situation.

11/23/13 01:49 – A deputy assisted Vermillion police officers with the arrest of an intoxicated uncooperative person.

11/23/13 15:57 – A report was received about a parent supplying alcohol to juveniles. The matter is under investigation.

Total Records: 27

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