Clay-Union Farm Bureau makes large contribution to western ranch families

The Clay-Union County Farm Bureau has recently pledged $5,000 to the Farm Bureau Cares Fund which will distribute support to the unfortunate farm and ranch families in western South Dakota following the catastrophic early winter storm killing thousands of head of livestock.

What is the Farm Bureau Cares Fund? Helping with the immediate needs of those people directly affected by this storm is the goal for the Farm Bureau Cares Fund. The FBCF is located at the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Huron. The money from that account is handled by the South Dakota Community Foundation. They make it possible for the donations to be considered charitable.

South Dakota Community Foundation has an agreement with Catholic Social Services (CSS) in Rapid City to distribute funds to ranchers. This is all set up as such to keep this strictly and legally as a non-profit organization, solely focused on channeling 100 percent of the funds and support to our neighbors in need.

All of the monies received will be given to West River Farm Bureau members as well as non-member ranchers and families as funds allow.
If you feel led or moved to help these western South Dakota folks, many local opportunities exist for you to do so. If you’d like to support this through the Farm Bureau Cares Fund, you may contact the main Farm Bureau office in Huron or just visit with local offices here in Vermillion at (605) 624-3011 or Beresford at (605) 763-8069.

As Thanksgiving approaches, be sure to remember your blessings and remember those who have not been so fortunate.



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