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The Clay-Union Foundation was formed in 1997, and over the years has made 136 matches with youth.

In 2012, it began offering a community service scholarship to eligible graduating seniors from Elk Point-Jefferson and Vermillion high schools. There is great interest in the scholarship, with 27 applications this spring. It began its capital campaign to enhance its scholarship and community fund last week, and donations of any size are welcome. Charter memberships are $500 and may be split up over two years.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Farm operators are able to donate grain before it is sold at the Southeast Farmers elevator terminals, Ag Opportunities in Vermillion and at Farmers Coop in Akron, IA. Nathan at SE Farmers, Kevin in Vermillion or Pat Renken in Akron will send the funds to the foundation as they are made. Indicate the amount of corn or soybeans to be donated before the grain is sold.

There are no federal taxes realized on grain donations before they are sold, and all funds will be invested through the SD Community Foundation. Students from Vermillion and Elk Point-Jefferson have received the award, and the 2013-14 scholarship will be available in early January for this year’s seniors.

The foundation would like to raise $10,000 or more, which will enhance its ability to help more students, and build a community fund to help youth related programs. Letters to area residents provided several easy options, including small monthly payments of $5 or more, as well as PayPal. The program also can offer endowed scholarships in memory of a family member, farm, business, or organization.

Donations made payable to the Clay-Union Foundation may be mailed to John Gille, 31911 3rd Ave., Elk Point, SD 57025, or call John Gille at (605) 421-5050 on other options to help the scholarship and community fund.

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