Foster families in South Dakota

By First Lady Linda Daugaard

All across South Dakota there are children in need of a loving and safe foster home.

Helping fill the need for foster families in South Dakota is something that both the Governor and I are very passionate about, and that’s why I’ve become involved with this initiative.

In June I kicked off the FosterOne campaign. Since then I’ve been to communities across the state, asking folks to commit to know more about becoming foster parents. So far we’ve had 200 families request more information!

As a former teacher and librarian, a mother of three and a grandmother of two, I know how important it is to provide children with meaningful connections, unconditional support, guidance and love. These are the keys to helping our children reach their full potential and find success in life.

Foster parents provide opportunities for youth to stay connected with their family, friends, culture, school and community. They also provide a positive impact for children while their families work through difficult circumstances.

Right now, children across South Dakota are waiting for someone to open their home and their hearts and be their foster parent. Will you be the one?

Please take a few minutes to find out more about becoming a foster family by visiting

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