Vermillion Police Department Calls

10/27/13 00:40 – Caller reported loud music coming from a nearby residence. Officers responded and checked the area for several minutes, but heard no loud music or other disturbance.

10/27/13 01:29 – A driver was cited for not having a driver’s license after being stopped for speeding.

10/27/13 01:45 – Vehicle was stopped for erratic driving and equipment violations. Driver was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for DUI. Driver was also found to have a revoked license and active warrants for his arrest.

10/27/13 01:46 – Officers responded to a report of a highly intoxicated person. Investigation revealed the person had recently turned 21 and had been binge drinking in celebration. It was determined the person needed medical help and was transported by ambulance. Under Investigation.

10/27/13 02:03 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The call was accidental.

10/27/13 11:12 – A set of glasses found at the courthouse was turned over to police.

10/27/13 14:38 – Caller reported dogs running at large in the neighborhood. Responding officers found the owner out recapturing the dogs in question.

10/27/13 16:21 – Caller reported a fraudulent use of his credit card. Further investigation revealed the charges had not been fraudulent but a misunderstanding had occurred. No crime occurred.

10/27/13 19:10 – Business reported two juveniles were caught shoplifting. Charges were referred to the States Attorney.

10/27/13 19:54 – Subject reported finding a dog at large. Prior to picking up the dog, the caller advised the owner had been located and the dog returned.

10/28/13 09:53 – Caller requested information on a problem tenant.

10/28/13 11:00 – School officials requested assistance with a truancy situation. Officers contacted the parent involved and explained the concerns and were told the child would return to school the next day.

10/28/13 13:52 – Caller reported a vehicle drove past the school bus while the sign/lights were activated. Under investigation.

10/28/13 14:12 – Caller reported stolen vehicle license plates. Under investigation.

10/28/13 14:43 – Caller reported a possible court order violation. Under investigation.

10/28/13 14:57 – Officers responded to a 911 phone call. The call had been placed accidentally.

10/28/13 16:27 – 15 Pounds of unwanted prescription drugs were turned over to police as part of the National DEA Drug Take Back program. These drugs were turned over to the DEA.

10/28/13 18:04 – Vermillion police and SD troopers contacted a driver who had been driving erratically.

10/29/13 13:00 – Out-of-state caller reported unknown persons had used his identity to obtain utilities and cable service in Vermillion. Under investigation.

10/29/13 15:58 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The call may have been caused by faulty phone wiring.

10/29/13 17:47 – Officers received a report of a possible domestic assault. Investigation did not provide sufficient probably cause for arrest. One of the involved subjects was arrest for two outstanding Clay County warrants for assault and ingestion.

10/29/13 19:43 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/29/13 20:02 – Caller reported a hit-and-run accident with no injuries. Under investigation.

10/29/13 23:28 – Caller reported the theft of a safe that had money and prescription drugs in it. Under investigation.

10/30/13 03:12 – Officers responded to a 911 call from a phone that would not locate. The phone’s owner was known and officers attempted to locate the owner. Several locations were checked, but the owner was not located and nothing was found amiss.

10/30/13 08:39 – Caller reported a phone scam where the suspect called claiming to be a distant relative requesting money be send overseas. Under investigation.

10/30/13 09:01 – Officers responded to a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

10/30/13 10:50 – Officers responded to a one vehicle injury accident.

10/30/13 13:03 – Caller reported her wallet was missing possibly stolen.

10/30/13 13:58 – Officers responded to a shoplifting compliant at a local business. The suspect was charged with theft.

10/30/13 17:46 – Caller reported a vehicle approaching Vermillion at over a 100 mph. Officers responded to the area, but the vehicle was not located.

10/30/13 19:02 – Officers responded to a domestic dispute. The dispute was verbal and crimes had been committed.

10/30/13 19:31 – Subject reported an ongoing harassment situation involving an ex-wife.

10/30/13 20:26 – Caller asked police to contact his mother whose car had broken down to ensure she was safe until he could arrive. Officers found the woman and worked with her to find a safe dry place for her to wait for her son.

10/30/13 21:12 – Caller reported loud music from a neighbor home. Officers responded and found unreasonable loud music coming from the home. When asked the homeowner turned the music down.

10/31/13 01:55 – Officers responded to a domestic dispute in progress. Investigation revealed the suspect had attempted to choke the victim who had fled their apartment to escape. The suspect was arrested for aggravated assault.

10/31/13 03:52 – Caller reported a roommate had made suicidal threat. Officers interviewed the involved parties and based on the information took the roommate into protective custody for a mental evaluation.

10/31/13 07:49 – Officers responded to a report of a trailer fire and provided medical care for the sole occupant until fire and ambulance units arrived.

10/31/13 08:51 – Officers responded to a request for assistance from a subject who had fallen and could not get up. Assistance was provided.

10/31/13 09:30 – Truancy officer requested an officer assist with contacting a subject.

10/31/13 16:15 – Caller reported a driver drinking from an alcohol bottle while in line at a drive through. Officers were unable to substantiate a crime had occurred.

10/31/13 17:31 – Officers responded to a medical emergency and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

10/31/13 22:48 – A driver was cited for not having a driver’s license after being stopped for speeding.

10/31/13 23:05 – Officers responded to a report of a domestic assault between an adult daughter and her mother. Investigation resulted in the adult daughter being arrested for Assault.

11/01/13 01:55 – Subject cited for drinking in public.

11/01/13 03:30 – Caller reported a fight downtown. Investigation revealed a man got upset at his girlfriend for wearing a coat belonging to another man. He had ended up shaking his girlfriend and punching another man who tried to stop him. The suspect was arrested for assault.

11/01/13 09:10 – Officers were asked to check the welfare of a resident who was not answering the phone after calling in an “emergency”. The issue involved a faulty phone line. The resident was not in need of emergency response.

11/01/13 09:47 – Officers assisted the school truancy officer with a home contact.

11/01/13 11:37 – Caller reported a stolen bike.

11/01/13 14:30 – Officers assisted the court services officer with a compliance check of a parolee. The parolee was found to be in violation of parole for possessing controlled substances.

11/01/13 15:29 – A cell phone found on the sidewalk was placed into safekeeping while the owner was sought.

11/01/13 16:01 – A small child called 911 because he could not find his mother. The mother was found in a storage space cleaning.

11/01/13 17:31 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The call was accidentally placed.

11/01/13 19:39 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call and found a couple arguing. The couple had been arguing but no violence had occurred. No one accounted for the 911 call.

11/01/13 20:09 – Caller reported an unknown vehicle had driven across her lawn. Officers were unable to determine a suspect vehicle, but a new apartment complex was being built nearby and the vehicle there seemed likely candidates.

11/01/13 22:38 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The caller was reporting a fight with his girlfriend. Investigation revealed that neither party was injured or wished to pursue criminal charges.

11/01/13 22:39 – Caller reported an ongoing harassment situation involving a former spouse. Officers provided information on various legal remedies.

11/02/13 00:34 – Neighbor reported a loud party at a residence. Officers responded and as they approached a large number of people fled the area on foot. The party had been excessively loud and the renter was cited.

11/02/13 01:24 – Caller reported a possible drug deal going on Main Street. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the described vehicle/person.

11/02/13 01:45 – A vehicle was stopped after squealing its tires on Main Street. The driver was cited for exhibition driving.

11/02/13 01:51 – Vehicle was stopped for speeding. The driver was intoxicated and was arrested for DUI.

11/02/13 02:59 – Caller reported an unknown person trying to enter his apartment. A check of the area resulted in finding a highly intoxicated underage person who did not know where she was. Officers transported her to her residence and referred the case to the States Attorney for possible charges.

11/02/13 03:35 – Caller reported loud music from a neighbor’s apartment. Officers contacted the neighbor who turned down the music.

11/02/13 07:23 – Citizen turned over a driver’s license found while out running. The owner is being sought.

11/02/13 07:49 – An abandoned bike was turned over to police and placed in safekeeping.

11/02/13 08:20 – Caller reported a child’s bike stolen from the residence. Officers located the bike and returned it to the owner.

11/02/13 08:34 – Caller reported damage to his son’s truck, which had been parked outside the residence.

11/02/13 10:30 – Caller reported damage to a vehicle parked at his residence.

11/02/13 16:54 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

11/02/13 17:04 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The call had been accidentally placed.

11/02/13 17:09 – Officers responded to a fire alarm at a residence. The alarm had been set off by burning food. Nothing was damaged.

11/02/13 20:37 – Officers responded to a 911 call. Nothing was found amiss.

11/02/13 23:46 – Vermillion officers assisted the sheriff’s department with a combative inmate in the jail.

11/02/13 23:55 – Officers responded to a report of a loud party at a residence. Officers found 50-75 people at the party, which was very loud. The renters were located and cited for noise prohibition.

Total Records: 74

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