Vermillion Police Department Calls

Vermillion Police Department Calls

11/17/13 00:01 – Officers assisted the court with a curfew check on a probationer.

11/17/13 00:20 – Driver was stopped for speeding and subsequently arrested for DUI.

11/17/13 00:42 – Caller reported a man rode a bike up to a restaurant, and then left the area on foot leaving the bike. The man was contacted and admitted he had taken the bike from a house on Cherry Street and did not own the bike or know who did. Additionally, the man was intoxicated and underage. He was cited for the various offenses and the bike was placed into safekeeping.

11/17/13 01:27 – Officers saw a vehicle driving erratically and pulled behind it as it came to a stop at a convenience store. The driver fled on foot and the officer pursued. The driver eventually tried to hide in another vehicle and was arrested for DUI.

11/17/13 01:43 – Officers stopped a man who was walking away with a USD flag that belonged to the city and had been on a light pole downtown. The man was cited for removing the flag. The flag was returned to the city.

11/17/13 01:47 – Officers were asked to check the welfare of a man who had made suicidal threats. The man was intoxicated and sleeping.

11/17/13 02:15 – A pedestrian was cited for having an open alcohol container.

11/17/13 02:20 – Officers contacted a man who was urinating in public. Officers had to deal with a medical emergency and warned the man.

11/17/13 02:22 – Officers were contacted by a man stating he was assaulted. Both parties were located and interviewed. Both parties decided against pursuing the issue and exchanged apologies.

11/17/13 02:26 – Officers found a cell phone laying on the ground ringing. Officers answered the phone and spoke to the owner who was looking for her phone. The phone was placed into safekeeping until the owner could recover it.

11/17/13 02:26 – Officers found a man lying face down on the sidewalk. He was very intoxicated and an ambulance was called to care for him.

11/17/13 03:43 – Caller reported a group of seven to eight men walking in traffic and being loud and disruptive. Officers responded to the area but the men had left the area prior to their arrival.

11/17/13 07:46 – Three bikes were abandoned at a local convenience store. The bikes were placed into safekeeping until the owners could be found.

11/17/13 09:32 – Officers responded to a medical call and provide care until the ambulance could arrive.

11/17/13 13:00 – A vehicle broke down in the roadway and officers provided traffic control until it could be towed away.

11/17/13 15:18 – An abandoned bike was turned over for safekeeping until its owner could be found.

11/17/13 16:18 – Caller called 911 to report a theft. The caller reported that her roommate had stolen a new pair of socks. Officer mediated the dispute.

11/17/13 18:23 – Officers assisted an elderly person who was having difficulty getting around their home.

11/17/13 19:19 – Officers responded to a dispute between roommates regarding the possible theft of some clothing items.

11/17/13 19:20 – Officers responded to a 911 hang up call. The call was placed by a small child. No emergency existed.

11/17/13 20:59 – Officers responded to a domestic dispute. No violence had occurred.

11/18/13 04:04 – Officers found an unsecured door on a business and checked the business. Nothing was found amiss.

11/18/13 05:47 – Officers contacted a garbage collector picking up garbage in a residential area prior to 0600. The driver was cited.

11/18/13 08:14 – Officers assisted an elderly person with moving about her residence.

11/18/13 09:45 – School Bus Driver reported a vehicle failing to stop for the school bus as required. Officers attempted to locate the offender but were not successful.

11/18/13 09:48 – Officers responded to a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

11/18/13 10:30 – Complainant reported a possible sex assault. Under investigation.

11/18/13 12:09 – Caller reported her backpack with her wallet had been stolen at a house party after the game on 11/16/13. There are no suspects.

11/18/13 14:21 – A debit card was found and turned over to police. The owner was found and the card returned.

11/18/13 15:16 – Driver was cited for speeding in a school zone.

11/18/13 15:26 – Caller reported being harassed by her mother.

11/18/13 15:52 – Officers mediated a dispute between an adult daughter and her mother.

11/18/13 15:56 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

11/18/13 16:57 – Officers responded to a report of a fire at a residence. The fire was a controlled burn that had gotten out of control. The Fire Department arrived and took over the scene.

11/18/13 18:27 – Caller reported loud music coming from a nearby trailer. Officers checked the area but could not hear any music or other noise coming from the trailer.

11/19/13 02:36 – Officers found an open door to an apartment with one around. Officers checked the area and found nothing amiss.

11/19/13 09:12 – Officers responded an alarm at a local non-profit. The alarm had been accidentally activated.

11/19/13 09:39 – A social security card was found and turned in to police. The owner was located and the card returned.

11/19/13 10:11 – A local business requested additional security checks.

11/19/13 12:32 – Officers assisted another agency in investigating a motor vehicle accident that had occurred in Iowa.

11/19/13 15:03 – Complainant reported losing his fanny pack with his wallet and assorted other documents.

11/19/13 15:53 – A purse was found and turned over to police. Officer located the owner and returned the purse. The cash from the purse had been stolen.

11/19/13 16:38 – Officers assisted a Court Services Officer with an arrest of a parolee in violation of conditions of release.

11/19/13 17:00 – Officers conducted Alcohol Compliance Checks at four alcohol vendors. Three of the four passed.

11/19/13 17:34 – An electronic tablet was found and turned into police. The owner is not known.

11/19/13 19:35 – Caller reported a woman who appeared disoriented. Officer found the woman and everything was all right.

11/19/13 23:10 – A parent requested assistance in recovering her vehicle that had been taken by one of their children.

11/20/13 12:00 – Officers responded to a 911 hang up from a cell phone. The area of the call was searched and several people contacted but the source of the call was no found.

11/20/13 12:32 – Officers responded to an alarm at a residence. The alarm company was at the residence and had been doing maintenance on the system and accidentally activated it.

11/20/13 13:27 – Caller reported a man firing a BB gun in the city limits.

11/20/13 15:31 – Caller reported being harassed by a relative.

11/20/13 19:38 – Officers responded to a domestic dispute. No one committed any crimes.

11/21/13 03:27 – A vehicle that had been illegally parked in excess of 24 hours was towed.

11/21/13 10:36 – Caller requested a welfare check on an individual. The subject was fine.

11/21/13 12:37 – Caller reported damage to her car. Under investigation.

11/21/13 17:04 – A thumb drive on a lanyard was found and turned in to police. The owner is not known.

11/21/13 18:25 – Officers assisted in a trespass situation where a subject was refusing to leave. After officers spoke with the subject she left.

11/21/13 20:46 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided aid until the ambulance arrived.

11/21/13 21:38 – Caller requested additional police patrols after an unknown person attempted to open her front door.

11/21/13 22:01 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up. The call was result of domestic dispute. An assault had occurred and the primary aggressor was arrested.

11/22/13 00:07 – Officers responded to a report of loud noise coming from a neighbor’s house. Officers checked the area and spoke with residents but did not find any unreasonably loud noise being made.

11/22/13 01:27 – Officers arrested a man for violating court order by consuming alcohol.

11/22/13 02:30 – Caller requested officer check on the welfare of a subject who had made suicidal statements. Officers contacted the subject who was ok.

11/22/13 09:19 – Caller reported some beverages used to stock a vending machine had been stolen.

11/22/13 09:46 – Complainant turned over a vehicle license plate found on the roadside.

11/23/13 00:53 – Officers provided assistance on a medical call.

11/23/13 01:49 – Officers were called to a disturbance. One of the men involved appeared highly intoxicated making odd statements and acting a in a hostile manner. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

11/23/13 04:56 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The call was accidentally placed.

11/23/13 16:38 – Caller reported harassing phone called. Under investigation.

Total Records: 69

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