Center for Disabilities announces inaugural annual spring symposium

SIOUX FALLS – “Best Practices in Providing Services to Individuals with Disabilities” is the theme of the recently announced USD Center for Disabilities Spring Symposium, which takes place in Chamberlain, April 14-16.

In the past, the Center for Disabilities held trainings and presentations like the Fall and Spring Autism Conferences or the Traumatic Brain Injury Conference, but this is the first conference that covers all of the Center for Disabilities programs and services, including areas like Birth to Three, academic and interdisciplinary training, technical assistance, transition and employment, technology and much more.

The symposium is developed for direct service providers, advocates, families of individuals with disabilities, educators, employment specialists, community support specialists, case managers, counselors and anyone who is interested in programs and services that cover the life course of a person with a disability.

“We are excited about this symposium and feel it will better meet the needs of the many talented practitioners in the state by offering them the opportunity to network and attend a myriad of workshops, presentations, and trainings in one focused event,” said Wendy Parent-Johnson, Center for Disabilities executive director. “This is our first annual symposium and we look forward to bringing the symposium to other parts of the state and offering new and diverse themes each year.”

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