SDPB to acquire KCSD radio license

South Dakota Public Broadcasting has reached an agreement with the University of Sioux Falls to acquire the license for KCSD-FM in Sioux Falls.

The station simulcasts SDPB Radio’s statewide network signal, and the network partners with USF to provide personnel and engineering assistance to the University. KCSD-FM is one of the SDPB radio network’s 11 transmitters and nine translators that cover the majority of South Dakota. KCSD specifically serves the community of Sioux Falls on 90.9 FM.

The Board of Directors for Educational Telecommunications in South Dakota and the University of Sioux Falls Board of Trustees reached a purchase agreement this fall. The Board of Directors for Educational Telecommunications is SDPB’s governing board, which owns the licenses for the remainder of SDPB Radio’s transmitters and all of SDPB Television’s transmitters.

“This agreement offers SDPB the best of both worlds,” said Julie Andersen, Executive Director of SDPB. “We will be able to consolidate ownership of our broadcast licenses while continuing to mentor students at the University of Sioux Falls.”

South Dakota Public Broadcasting and the University of Sioux Falls will continue working together to offer educational media opportunities for students at the school, and USF will continue to make facilities available from which original programming will originate.

“Since 1985, KCSD-FM has reached the Sioux Falls market from the campus of the University of Sioux Falls, and we remain committed to our mutually beneficial partnership with South Dakota Public Broadcasting,” said Brett Bradfield, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. “University leaders’ initial intent was to promote the city’s quality of life through public radio. We still believe in this mission, and we’re proud of SDPB’s teaching and mentoring roles with our students and interns.”

The sale must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

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