Vermillion Police Department Calls

Vermillion Police Department Calls

11/24/13 01:21 – Officers contacted a driver operating a vehicle with a flat tire.

11/24/13 05:35 – Officers impounded a vehicle for illegal parking after finding the vehicle had three other outstanding parking tickets.

11/24/13 13:20 – Officers responded to a CO detector alarm and stood by until the fire department could assess the situation.

11/24/13 14:30 – Officers responded to a report of branches down in the roadway. Officers pulled the branches off the roadway and notified the street department.

11/24/13 16:54 – Officers responded to a report of shots fired near a city park. A search of the area determined the shots had been fired from a group of men in the County and no illegal activity was suspected.

11/24/13 19:05 – Caller reported an 8-year-old child wandering in the cold. Officers took the child to her home and insured there was someone to care for the child.

11/24/13 19:41 – Officers investigated a hit and run accident, non-injury.

11/25/13 05:44 – Officers assisted on a medical call until the ambulance could arrive.

11/25/13 09:01 – Caller requested a welfare check on an individual who had made frightening statements.

11/25/13 09:34 – Complainant reported a fraud. He has sold an item online. The buyer had sent a check written for more than the agreed on price and requested the extra money be given to the person picking up the item. The check was written on a false account.

11/25/13 10:36 – Complainant reported an attempt at identity theft. Caller had received a text message requesting information in order to activate an account. The message was not sent by the bank.

11/25/13 10:41 – Complaint reported unauthorized charges to one of their accounts. Under investigation.

11/25/13 13:03 – Caller reported a decaying animal wrapped in some clothing. Officers found it was the remains of a long-deceased dog.

11/25/13 14:12 – Officers removed a vehicle that had been parked for several days in the same location.

11/25/13 15:15 – Caller reported an attempt to access their debit card. They had received a text warning about possible illegal use of their account. On call back they were asked for their card number. The call/text was not from the card-holder.

11/25/13 15:31 – Officers received information about an individual making threatening statement.

11/25/13 17:46 – Officers investigated a car vs. deer accident.

11/25/13 17:53 – Caller reported a man stole two bottles of liquor and fled the business. Officers have been unable to locate the suspect.

11/26/13 08:47 – Officers investigated a one-car injury accident.

11/26/13 14:48 – Officers responded to a report of an elderly person who had fallen and needed assistance getting up. Assistance was provided.

11/26/13 16:20 – Caller reported that someone had made unauthorized charges against his account. Under investigation.

11/26/13 20:25 – Caller reported a possible sex crime that occurred in another jurisdiction. Information was relayed to the appropriate investigators.

11/27/13 01:20 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

11/27/13 08:39 – Officers provided a court ordered civil standby for a subject so he could recover his property from a residence he was no longer allowed at.

11/27/13 13:02 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

11/27/13 14:54 – Officers responded to a call for help from a small child. The child’s caregiver had fallen and injured herself. Officers provided care and contacted the ambulance.

11/27/13 15:26 – Vehicle stopped for speeding. Driver consented to search of his vehicle. Nothing illegal was found.

11/27/13 15:27 – Officers responded a 911 hang-up call. The call was accidentally placed.

11/28/13 01:52 – Driver was stopped for running a stop sign. Driver was arrested for DUI.

11/28/13 02:10 – Officers investigated a fight outside a bar. One subject was arrested on outstanding warrants.

11/28/13 02:55 – Officers responded to a 911 call. The caller did not speak English and needed help with finding a warm place to stay while waiting for a friend to come get him. The officer assisted him.

11/28/13 04:15 – Officers responded to a vehicle alarm going off. There was no apparent damage to the vehicle. The registered owner was contacted and advised of the problem.

11/28/13 06:13 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

11/28/13 08:30 – Officers responded to an alarm at a business. The alarm had been accidentally set off by an authorized contractor.

11/28/13 11:10 – Caller reported a vehicle being driven erratically. Officers checked the area but were not able to locate the vehicle.

11/28/13 13:08 – Officers located a dog at large with a broken lead. Officers secured the dog and located the owner.

11/28/13 15:01 – Caller locked themselves out of their apartment. Officers offered to contact a locksmith or the landlord to assist the caller. She declined offered assistance.

11/28/13 21:32 – Caller requested a welfare check. Officers checked on the subject who was all right.

11/28/13 22:07 – Driver was stopped for an inoperable headlight. The driver did not have an operator’s license, and was cited.

11/29/13 08:53 – Landlord reported several fire extinguishers being set off in his apartment complex. No suspect information or usable evidence was found.

11/29/13 10:00 – Caller reported a hit and run accident. Under investigation.

11/29/13 10:50 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

11/29/13 11:26 – Caller reported losing a wallet.

11/29/13 12:09 – Caller reported a vehicle being driven with unsecured children. Officers were not able to locate a vehicle with unsecured children.

11/29/13 14:23 – Caller reported a possible intruder in her home. Officer checked the area, and interviewed nearby residents. Under investigation.

11/29/13 17:34 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

11/29/13 21:14 – Officers arrested a subject for violating a court order.

11/30/13 05:49 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up. The call was accidentally placed.

11/30/13 06:56 – Caller reported a man urinating in public. Officers contacted the man who was arrested for three outstanding warrants out of Minnehaha.

11/30/13 07:31 – Caller reported a neighbor’s dog in their yard growling aggressively. Officers tried to contact the owner unsuccessfully. The information was referred to code enforcement.

11/30/13 07:42 – Caller requested a welfare check on an individual found sleeping in a restroom. The man was contacted and was all right.

11/30/13 08:45 – Officers investigated a report the odor of gas. Officers and fire units responded and checked the area, but no source was found.

11/30/13 10:04 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident.

11/30/13 15:45 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

11/30/13 17:01 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The call had been placed accidentally.

11/30/13 23:14 – Caller reported excessive noise from a neighbor’s residence. Officers spoke to the neighbor who agreed to reduce the noise.

Total Records: 56

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