Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

12/29/13 01:26 – A deputy responded to the jail to assist with processing an uncooperative inmate.

12/30/13 18:47 – A deputy responded to a report of an injured deer east of Wakonda. The deer was euthanized.

12/31/13 02:24 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency in Burbank.

12/31/13 17:24 – A deputy met with a Beresford police officer who had arrested a person wanted on a Clay County warrant and transported the man to the jail.

12/31/13 18:30 – A vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for speeding at 78 mph in the 55 mph zone on University Road.

12/31/13 21:17 – A deputy assisted a landlord with questions regarding removing a tenant.

12/31/13 23:24 – A deputy investigated a report of an underage alcohol party near Wakonda. The party was not located at the house that was described.

01/01/14 02:46 – A deputy assisted a driver whose vehicle had run out of gas on Highway 50.

01/02/14 09:16 – A caller reported a neighbor in Burbank was neglecting her dogs. A deputy investigated and found the dogs were well cared for.

01/03/14 09:51 – A deputy responded to a 911 call from a rural residence. It was found that a child had accidentally dialed 911 from an inactive cell phone. There was no emergency.

01/03/14 10:35 – Deputies responded along with fire units to a structure fire at a rural residence near Beresford.

01/03/14 14:55 – An inmate was transported to a doctor visit and then returned to the jail.

01/03/14 23:32 – A deputy responded to a vehicle in the ditch near Gayville. There was no damage or injuries. The driver was assisted with getting the car back on the road.

01/04/14 09:14 – A report was received of what appeared to be a prank text message. The nature of the message was suspicious so the information was documented for future reference.

01/04/14 15:05 – A caller reported dogs running on Highway 50 near Meckling. The dogs were gone when a deputy arrived but the information was passed along to a resident who had reported dogs missing earlier.

01/04/14 19:22 – A rural resident reported seeing a car parked along a gravel road earlier in the day with no one around. A deputy responded but by the time of the report, the car was gone.

01/04/14 23:01 – A rural resident reported a car drove past her house at a high rate of speed. A deputy responded but the vehicle was not in the area.

Total Records: 17

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