Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

01/19/14 14:03 – A vehicle was observed traveling at 73 mph in the 55 mph zone on University Road. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for the offense.

01/20/14 21:54 – A deputy stopped a semi with no trailer lights. The driver was able to get the hazard lights to work. The driver was lost so the deputy assisted him with directions.

01/21/14 15:39 – A deputy, assisted by a DCI agent, investigated a report of an adult having sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl.

01/22/14 00:35 – A deputy assisted Vermillion police officers with searching for a missing juvenile. The boy returned home on his own.

01/22/14 01:48 – A deputy responded to a burglar alarm call at a Vermillion business. There were no problems found.

01/22/14 07:43 – A vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for running a stop sign on Frog Creek Road.

01/22/14 13:38 – A Burbank resident reported a lost dog to see if anyone had reported finding it. There had been no recent reports of stray dogs there.

01/22/14 16:04 – Deputies responded to a report of a burglary near Wakonda. It was later learned that a man had requested permission to enter to retrieve his own property. Investigation is ongoing.

01/22/14 18:52 – Traffic control assistance was provided while a load of cattle was moved from a disabled stock trailer to another after the semi trailer became disabled on Highway 50.

01/22/14 19:02 – A person in protective custody at the jail was transported to the Human Services Center in Yankton for a mental health committal.

01/23/14 02:08 – A deputy assisted a highway patrol trooper with a traffic stop in Vermillion resulting in the driver being arrested for DWI.

01/23/14 11:48 – A female inmate was transported from the Minnehaha County Jail after being arrested on Clay County warrants and a juvenile was transported from juvenile detention in Sioux Falls to Vermillion for court.

01/23/14 14:00 – A student at the high school reported the theft of an expensive pair of headphones from the girls’ locker room. The matter is under investigation.

01/23/14 15:54 – A juvenile was returned to juvenile detention in Sioux Falls after a court appearance in Clay County.

01/23/14 18:50 – An Irene resident reported a smell of marijuana coming from his neighbor’s residence. Deputies responded but the odor was no longer noticeable and no marijuana was found.

01/23/14 21:14 – A rural resident reported the theft of a tank heater from a stock tank near Meckling.

01/24/14 01:39 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency in Meckling. The patient was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

01/24/14 12:35 – A deputy received a report of a burglary at a rural Wakonda residence after a Yankton County Deputy arrested a man in possession of items stolen from the Clay County farm. The matter is under investigation.

01/24/14 14:04 – An inmate was transported to a medical clinic for an appointment and then returned to the jail.

01/24/14 21:11 – A deputy mediated a civil dispute over the purchase of hay. The matter was resolved peacefully. The parties were advised to consider small claims court if they felt they needed further guidance.

01/24/14 23:39 – A vehicle was stopped for speeding near Wakonda. The driver was cited for not having insurance on the vehicle.

01/25/14 11:04 – A vehicle was stopped for driving 79 mph in the 55 mph zone on 306th Street. The driver was cited for the offense.

01/25/14 22:55 – A deputy assisted Vermillion Police officers with a large underage alcohol party in Vermillion. Numerous citations for underage consumption were written.

Total Records: 23

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