Letter to the editor: Destination community

To the editor:

Steve Howe has described the end result of their VCDC Vermillion Now 2! proposal as “Vermillion becoming an interesting place … a destination community”.

Rotary’s announcement that Coyoteopoly will again produce “Shakespeare in the Park” this June, foretells the fruition of VCDC’s intent. The 2012 production capitalized on Vermillion’s two assets which are continuously recycling: Its incomparable beauty and its heritage. Staged in the historic Prentis Park band shell that production proved to be both cost-effective and culturally perpetuating. The event restored dignity of stature to the band shell – one of many prominent Vermillion landmarks which have long been held in disregard.

Through the years, entities have grappled with balancing the budget and other challenges. Often they voted “Yeah” for the option of “Out with the Old and In with the New”.

I predict that the already significant number of visitors will increase dramatically within the next 10 years. The ripple effect of “Shakespeare in the Park” will cascade and individuals and groups will determine to restore decaying landmarks. With so many interesting things to see and do and feel in Vermillion, by 2024, Vermillion will become the “Destination City of the Mid-West!”

Some visitors will come to experience the sod house in the pioneer community in the Bluffview Outdoor Historical Museum. Many will travel miles to be motivated by the renowned Bluffview Easter Sunrise Service when the cemetery is completely surrounded by instrumental groups which have auditioned and paid a fee to participate.

And, “Yes, David.” There will be many who will come to Vermillion on a warm summer evening just to watch the turkey vultures with their enormous wingspan use the updraft from Vermillion’s old restored beige water tower to lift them “Up, Up, and Away.”


Edis J. Anderson




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