Letter to the editor: We are “Washington”

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the “Between the Lines” editorial by David Lias in the Jan. 24, 2014 issue of the Plain Talk regarding taxation awareness presentations by bank representatives. Although Dave concedes that this discussion was “enlightening,” it was apparent he missed the point when he writes to the bankers, “Local governments can listen, but they really can’t help you, even if they agree with you.”

Contrary to his comment, the bank representatives are the ones providing help to governmental and educational authorities by educating them as to a source of their revenue as well as potential sources for additional funding. This discussion serves the interests of schools, counties, and cities that are in serious need of revenue to provide adequate services for their constituents. This is not for the self-interests of banks as others would have the public think.

The only way that our representatives in Washington can make significant positive changes in our futures is if we tell them. Each of us is “Washington.” It starts at the grassroots level and is eventually debated in Congress … but it has to start with us if true progress is going to be made.

My fear is that our local school board members, county commissioners, and city council members, like Dave, will view this as a “Washington issue” and will self-justify their lack of action. You and I are “Washington” and good solutions will not be found without our actions.


Tom Schaack

Community Bank President

First Bank & Trust-Vermillion

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