Vermillion Police Department Briefing

Vermillion Police Department Briefing

01/19/14 00:37 – Caller reported a loud party. Officers responded and found a large party that dispersed when officers arrived. No one would answer the door when officers tried to contact the renters. Since the party was dispersing, officers opted to return later and identify the renters. Two of the renters who were present when the party was occurring were cited for Noise Prohibition.

01/19/14 01:18 – Caller reported a loud party. Officers checked the area but there was no noise coming from the reported address.

01/19/14 01:53 – While on patrol officers found two men fighting outside a restaurant. Investigation revealed one man had been calling two women names and then assaulted one of the women’s husbands when confronted and told to stop. A fight ensued and the name caller lost. A charge of disorderly conduct was filed with the state’s attorney.

01/20/14 00:48 – Officers saw a group of young adults who were walking toward the police car, seemed to notice the car and then change direction. Officer moved location and when the group saw the police car again they fled. Officers contacted the group after seeing them throw a bottle of alcohol into a private yard. Four of the subjects were contacted and all were underage and intoxicated. They were cited.

01/20/14 02:44 – Officers stopped a vehicle for erratic driving. The driver was intoxicated and was arrested for DUI. A preliminary breath test showed a breath alcohol content of .246.

01/20/14 17:29 – Business requested assistance in removing a highly intoxicated person from their premise. Officers arrived found the highly intoxicated woman was cold and did not have the means to get home. Officer found a responsible party to take care of the woman.

01/21/14 13:04 – Caller reported a two-vehicle accident. On arrival, officers found that one of the drivers had left the scene claimed she would return shortly after picking up her kids. Officers waited for 40 minutes and the driver did not return. The missing driver later called in claiming her car had been hit in another parking lot and she had only just noticed the damage. The driver eventually admitted the damage had been caused at the accident where she left the scene. She was charged with failure to report.

01/21/14 16:38 – Caller reported a hit and run accident. Officers investigated but have not identified a suspect.

01/22/14 14:37 – Caller reported a woman attempting to shoplift alcohol from his business. The woman was contacted by police and cited for theft.

01/24/14 23:02 – Caller reported loud music coming from a neighbor’s residence. Officer found a small gathering, and no criminal activity. They agreed to turn down the music.

01/25/14 00:18 –Officers responded to a loud house party. Due to staffing concerns and other calls, officer dispersed the party and cited the renter for maintaining a common nuisance. Officers found alcohol, marijuana and associated paraphernalia at the party location.

01/25/14 00:49 – Caller reported a noisy party on-going. On arrival, a possible assault was investigated. No one was injured; everyone was overage or sober.

01/25/14 05:17 – Caller reported an intoxicated juvenile had entered her home and seemed lost and unable to care for themselves. Officers contacted the 12-year-old, who was very intoxicated. The juvenile was transported to the station and a responsible adult relative was located, and took custody of the juvenile. Information forwarded to the state’s attorney.

01/25/14 12:31 – Caller reported the back window of her was shot out while she was sitting in it. Investigation revealed that a BB gun was the likely cause of the damage. The area was searched but no evidence leading to the identity of the shooter was located. Officers noted the area was strewn with signs of alcohol consumption and parties. The area will be a focus area for additional patrols.

01/25/14 18:07 – Officers investigated a non-injury accident where one car had damaged two parked cars.

01/25/14 22:55 – Caller reported a loud large party. Officers responded and found a large house party underway. About 100 people were participating. Noise, litter and general disorder were an issue. Officers issued 49 citations for minor possession/consumption of alcohol, one citation for failure to obey a police officer, and one citation for noise prohibition. Two minors were also found and returned to a responsible adult with information forwarded to the state’s attorney.

Total Records: 16

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