Vermillion Police Department report excerpts

12/31/13 01:32 – Caller reported an unknown person pounding on the rear and side door of her home. Officers arrived shortly and the unknown person had left. Officers checked the area around the residence and the surrounding neighborhood but did not find the suspect.

12/31/13 14:36 – Caller reported he got a phone call from a credit agency confirming he had applied for a loan. He had not applied for the loan. He stated that this is not the first attempt to steal his identify and open a credit line in his name. Under investigation.

12/31/13 18:17 – A convenience store showed officers a video of a subject stealing beer. Officers started an investigation and have several leads on the identity of the thief. Under investigation.

01/03/14 01:55 – Caller requested assistance at a local convenience store with an angry man. The man was yelling and throwing his wallet around the store. Officers spoke to the man who was infuriated at the ATM not working the way the man wanted. The man was screaming, yelling threats and making intimidating lunges. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

01/03/14 06:54 – Officers were called to a possible medical emergency. A man had appeared to have a seizure. He was able to communicate with officers when they arrived. He was clearly intoxicated and had a breath alcohol of .329. He refused medical treatment from the ambulance.

01/03/14 11:20 – Caller reported ongoing phone harassment that included threats and he believed he knew who the callers are. The suspected callers denied making the calls. Under investigation.

01/03/14 12:40 – Police and deputies provided a funeral escort. Officers provide the escort to the edge of town and deputies continued on to the cemetery outside of town.

01/03/14 14:19 – Caller reported a man had come into their gas station and said he had forgotten his money. He handed them an ID card and said he would return to pay for the gas. The caller had agreed, as she knew the man. When the man did not return, she called police. Officers knew the man and contacted him. He stated he was going to go pay for the gas immediately. Five hours later he had not paid. Charges being pursued.

01/03/14 14:31 – Another agency requested a continuing welfare check on a man living outside because of the projected cold weather. Officers checked on the man, and a deputy worked to arrange for the man to stay indoors until the severe cold weather ends.

01/03/14 14:40 – Caller reported their cat had been taken by a former roommate. The roommate had moved out and moved to Florida and taken their pet cat with him. Under investigation.

01/03/14 15:02 – Caller reported a fraud that is commonly seen in our region. The suspect answers an ad or contacts a business and requests products. When given a total for the products the suspect sends a check for more than the amount of the products. When contacted about the excessive amount of the check, the suspect tells the seller to go ahead and cash the check and send the extra to a friend. If the seller checks, they find out the check is fraudulent.

01/03/14 15:44 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The caller reported there was a pornography ring working in the area. Officers were unable to verify any of the information provided by the caller.

01/03/14 19:30 – Officers stopped a car for a broken taillight. The driver was intoxicated and was arrested for DUI. His breath alcohol was .090.

01/04/14 05:01 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

01/04/14 09:12 – Officers provided a funeral escort from the fire station to the Bluff’s Cemetery.

01/04/14 09:13 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

01/04/14 14:06 – Officers responded to a report of an assault in progress. On arrival the participants had separated. Investigation led to the victim being transported to the hospital and the suspect was arrested for robbery as the assault had been an effort to steal $10 from the victim.

01/04/14 22:09 – Officers assisted the Yankton Drug Court by conducting a curfew check on a subject.

01/04/14 22:24 – Officers stopped a vehicle for failing to stop for a stop sign. The driver had an active protection order against him and the other party on the order was the passenger in the car. The driver was arrested for violating a protection order.

01/04/14 23:26 – Caller reported that a neighbor’s music was too loud. Officers responded and agreed the music was unreasonably loud. The neighbor was contacted and told about the complaint. He agreed to turn the music down.

Total Records: 20

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