Vermillion Police Department

A Press Briefing – VPD Printed on December 30, 2013

12/22/13 05:35 – Officers investigated a vehicle parked on the side of the road running. There were several occupants sleeping in the running vehicle. Contact with the occupants resulted in the arrest of one passenger for a Pennington County arrest warrant. Another occupant was charged with possession of marijuana. Finally, charged of underage drinking were also filed.

12/22/13 09:58 – Officers responded to a report of a shoplifting. The caller reported the subject loaded up a cart and then left the store. The subject was confronted and returned to the store. The subject was charged with theft.

12/22/13 20:42 – 
Caller reported a violation of a protection order. Under investigation.

12/23/13 11:38 – Officers and Fire Units responded to a fire alarm at the high school. The alarm had been intentionally set off by alarm tech workers.

12/24/13 09:39 – Caller reported her vehicle had been burglarized and a GPS system taken from the vehicle. Under investigation.

12/24/13 11:03 – Caller requested assistance checking the welfare of her brother who was diabetic. Officers were not able to locate the subject at his residence or work and put out an attempt to locate to surrounding agencies. Sioux City found the vehicle and stopped it. The driver was suffering from medical problems and was rushed to the hospital.

12/25/13 13:40 – Officers responded to an alarm at a local business. Nothing was found amiss and the weather was the suspected cause of the alarm.

12/25/13 19:39 – 
Officers responded to a medical call and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

12/25/13 21:26 – Caller reported a man with a gun in her home refusing to leave. While enroute, the man allegedly left. The caller then reported the man had strangled her. Investigation revealed the caller was extremely intoxicated and angry at the man. Her story of event changed several times and there was no evidence of the altercation or the alleged assault. Officers concluded the caller was falsely accusing the man of an assault. She was arrested for false reporting.

12/26/13 02:15 – Officers responded to a medical call involving an elderly person who had fallen and possible injured themselves. Officers provided care until the ambulance arrived.

12/26/13 11:01 – Officers responded to a grass fire. On arrival officers determined that no structures were endangered and stood by until fire units arrived and took over the scene.

12/26/13 13:16 – Officers assisted the court services officer with a walk through and meeting with a subject under house arrest.

12/26/13 18:08 – Caller reported several tools had been stolen and he believed the suspect was a nephew. Officers investigated and the suspect did have the tools. Initially the suspect lied about where the tools had come from but eventually admitted the tools have been taken from the caller. The tools were recovered.

12/27/13 05:25 – Officers responded to an urgent 911 call. The caller relayed a variety of information about insights into what he believed were the major conspiracies of our time. None of the information was actionable.

12/27/13 06:57 – Caller reported theft from his vehicle. Officers investigated and were not able to identify a suspect at this time. The stolen item was a flashing blue strobe light used by emergency workers. Under investigation.

12/27/13 10:01 – Officers were asked to check the welfare of man who had not been seen for several days. Officers checked several possible locations and eventually located the man. He was all right had not been following his normal schedule.

12/27/13 20:46 – Caller reported the strong odor of natural gas. Officer responded and insured the residence was evacuated. Fire units arrived and found a leak in a newly installed gas fireplace.

12/27/13 23:02 – Officers stopped a vehicle when they was an occupant they recognized who was under 18 and was not seat belted. The driver was arrested for DUI and the occupants were charged with open container and minor in possession of alcohol.

12/28/13 02:00 – While on patrol officers saw a man urinating on a store front in downtown. The man ran as officers approached. Officers caught the man and cited him for the offense.

12/28/13 14:55 – Caller reported a raccoon in the Library parking lot and was concerned it might be sick. Officers checked and the raccoon seemed to act properly fleeing the officers’ attempts to capture it until it was herded into a wooded area.

12/28/13 15:52 – Caller reported a vehicle fire. Officers responded to the reported location but found no vehicle. Re-contact with the caller changed the location and officers responded to the new reported location. The vehicle suffered damage to the engine compartment. The fire extinguished itself.

12/28/13 22:52 – Caller reported the odor of burnt marijuana coming from one of the neighbor apartments. Officers searched the common areas in the apartment building but could not find the reported odor.

Total Records: 22

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