Vermillion Police Report Excerpts

Vermillion Police Report Excerpts

01/05/14 11:58 – Officers responded to a report of someone calling for help in an apartment. On arrival, officers contacted the renter and a woman who was at the residence. The renter said he was angry at the woman and had been telling her to leave for the past several days, but she refused to leave the apartment. The woman, who had no right to be at the apartment, was told to leave and complied.

01/05/14 17:17 – Officers received information that a woman with a suspended driving status was operating a vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was the reported suspended driver. The passenger in the car was also identified and had two Clay County arrest warrants. The passenger was arrested and the driver was charged.

01/05/14 20:03 – During a custody exchange between two parents at the Police Department it was discovered that the mother had an active warrant out of Yankton County for theft. She was arrested on the warrant.

01/06/14 04:06 – Caller, who was from out of the country, was having problems getting the furnace in his apartment going. Officers investigated and determined the motor for the furnace was not operational and he would need to contact a repair person. The caller was given several options and the process was explained.

01/06/14 14:58 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle non-injury accident. One of the drivers had been backing out of a parking spot and did not see a car coming around the corner of the building. The two cars collided. The backing driver was cited.

01/06/14 16:15 – Officers responded to a report of domestic violence in progress. On arrival the couple had left. Officers continued the investigation and found the couple. The woman had suffered injuries and interviews resulted in the arrest of the man for domestic assault.

01/07/14 15:29 – Officers responded to an elderly citizen who had given her credit card number out over the phone. Realizing this was a mistake she asked for help in preventing the illegal use of her card. Officers assisted in calling the card company and stopping the card and in arranging for a reissue of the card.

No one had used the card at the time the officers called.

01/07/14 17:14 – Officers were called to a report of three women entering a home without permission and refusing to leave. The subjects left while officers were en route and were stopped by responding officers. Investigation indicated the three were at the residence to collect a debt for drug money from the caller. Charges were filed. Under investigation.

01/08/14 14:16 – Caller reported an intruder in her apartment. Officers responded and searched the apartment but found no one. The caller said she woke to find the front door to her apartment ajar when she knew it had been closed. Additionally, her cat had been let out of the apartment, which required another door to be open and she found a Copenhagen tin in her room that did not belong to her. Officers checked the area and processed several items to recover evidence. No suspect(s) have been identified.

01/08/14 16:40 – Officers responded to a report that a woman’s boyfriend had shot her pets and chased her into a convenience store with a gun. Once the area was secure, officers found the caller in the bathroom of the store. Investigation was unable to verify any of the information she gave and it became evident she was suffering from a medical problem. Officers arranged for her to receive treatment.

01/08/14 19:40 – Four vehicles that had been parked for over a week, well in excess of the 24-hour limit were impounded.

01/09/14 12:52 – Officers investigated a two vehicle non-injury accident. One vehicle had backed into another. The backing driver did not have a valid license and was charged.

01/10/14 00:54 – A business requested a subject be told not to return to their business. Officers contacted the subject and explained the trespass order. The subject indicated he understood and provided the officers with two Bibles to thank them for their efforts.

01/10/14 16:31 – Department of Social Services requested officers to do welfare checks throughout the weekend on an elderly person. Officers were able to assist with the request and made daily checks to insure the individual was all right.

01/10/14 23:57 – While conducting a routine bar check officers found three women who appeared to be avoiding the officers. When contacted the three were all underage. They were cited for underage in a bar. One was admit that it was not her fault but rather the fault of the door person who did not stop her.

01/11/14 16:22 – Subject reported prescription drug had been stolen from her. Under investigation.

Total Records: 16

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