Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

01/28/14 07:53 – A vehicle was stopped for driving 76 mph in a 55 mph zone on 452nd Street. The driver was cited for the offense.

01/28/14 08:12 – A deputy assisted a driver of a vehicle that had run out of gas near Wakonda.

01/28/14 08:49 – A vehicle was stopped for driving 57 mph in a 35 mph zone near Wakonda. The driver was cited for the offense.

01/28/14 14:36 – A rural resident reported a man harassed her at an Alcester business. She was advised about the protection order process and advised to report the matter to the Alcester police.

01/28/14 15:47 – A caller reported an erratic driver on Highway 50. A deputy and a trooper located the vehicle but found the driver was not impaired.

01/28/14 16:57 – A deputy responded to Burbank to take a report of children throwing rocks at a dog tied up in a neighbor’s yard. The owner was concerned the dog would become aggressive toward the children if the dog gets loose. The kids and their mother were informed of the concerns.

01/28/14 20:35 – Deputies assisted Vermillion police officers with an attempt to locate a woman who was reported to be suicidal. She was later located and was not in need of any assistance.

01/29/14 01:12 – A deputy assisted Vermillion police officers with locating a suicidal man. The man was located and taken into protective custody pending a psychological evaluation.

01/29/14 10:18 – While serving civil process to a Vermillion man, a deputy learned the man was wanted in Union County for a traffic warrant. The warrant was served and the bond was collected.

01/29/14 13:57 – A deputy responded to assist fire units at a grass fine near a residence north of Vermillion.

01/30/14 04:24 – A deputy mediated a non-violent domestic dispute in Irene.

01/30/14 15:45 – An inmate was transported from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after being picked up for a probation violation.

02/01/14 00:21 – A patient was transported from the hospital in Vermillion to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

02/01/14 01:36 – A rural resident reported a neighbor’s dogs were harassing her horses. A deputy located the owner of the dogs and shared information about the problem and potential liabilities if the problem continues.

02/01/14 02:43 – A deputy responded to Irene to a report of a suspicious vehicle in town. The vehicle was not found.

02/01/14 04:10 – A deputy encountered an occupied vehicle parked along the road. A couple was inside who reported they were talking. No assistance was required.

02/01/14 15:36 – A vehicle was stopped and the diver was cited for driving 76 mph in the 55 mph zone on Greenfield Road.

02/01/14 16:21 – A deputy responded to a car fire on Highway 46 near Irene.

02/01/14 23:19 – A vehicle was observed with a non-functioning headlight. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was notified of the problem.

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