District 17 Legislative Notes

By Rep. Nancy Rasmussen

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What a game! Congratulations to the Seahawks, they are the Super Bowl Champions! I want to tell you as a mother-in-law I was cheering for both teams. My two wonderful son-in-laws were in favor of the opposing team.

Legislative actions can be as intense as watching a Super Bowl game. The House of Representatives experienced several drives last week that did not reach the goal line. HCR 1008 sought to repeal Common Core and HCR 1009 encouraged Congress to address immigration, both failed.

Everyone loves a touchdown. The thrill of watching anyone grab a ball and fly past their opponents is worth standing up for. HB 1079 was one such bill. A young ambulance driver from northeastern South Dakota had an idea. He shared his idea with his representative and they were off to LRC to draft their “play.” He suggested all ambulance drivers, attendants, or emergency med. techs be allowed to equip their personal vehicles with a flashing blue light, allowing faster response time. The bill was a touchdown in the transportation committee and on the house floor. Congratulations.

A look back to Saturday: The Vermillion Chamber hosted a cracker barrel for District 17 legislators and interested individuals to share updates and ideas. City Hall was full with standing room only. Thank you to everyone who prepared the facility, provided coffee and donuts, moderated the discussion, and cleaned up when we finished.

Looking ahead: I see many issues that will not make a swift and happy touchdown like HB 1079, but we are dedicated to tackle the important issues of school funding, Medicaid expansion, death penalty repeal, asking for a felony added to animal cruelty statues, domestic abuse laws, and the freedom to sell raw milk. Keep cheering us all on. If you can, join us in Pierre and watch us at work from the House of Senate gallery.

Let us know your thoughts, and it is my firm, committed desire that at the end of the 89th Legislative Session, we as citizens of South Dakota will all feel like we are winners to some degree.


Rep. Nancy Rasmussen

District 17/ Clay and Turner Counties


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