Letter to the editor: Dismayed

To the editor:

Thank you for the article in the Jan. 17 paper. I thought that perhaps I was the only one saddened to think of losing our old water tower. I agree with you that it has historic value, and belongs in the Vermillion skyline. We are often too quick to knock things down, and in doing so, lose the appeal that a small prairie town has to offer. You referred to it as ambience; I would add serenity, tranquility. It’s that peaceful, contented feeling that is not found in a frantic city.

I am also dismayed that this wonderful tone Vermillion has to offer is endangered by the wholesale destruction of so many of our beautiful old boulevard trees. Last year there were over a hundred taken down by city workers, and already this month we have lost over a dozen more. I know that dead trees need to be removed as a liability, but I think that damaged trees could be pruned. We don’t bulldoze a house that is damaged, or junk a car after a fender-bender. Trees, which shade houses in summer, and protect from the wind in winter have well documented economic value. We talk about attracting more people to live in Vermillion. I would not have moved back here six years ago if, instead of the beautiful tree-lined streets, I had seen a bare, dusty town.


Sandy Pederson


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