State DOT helps with local airport repairs

By Travis Gulbrandson

The City of Vermillion has entered into a financial agreement with the state department of transportation (DOT) to help cover some repairs on the airport that were made last year.

The action was taken at the Vermillion City Council’s regular meeting Feb. 3.

City Engineer José Domínguez told council members that $5,000 will be taken from the city’s portion of the state’s Fuel Tax Fund, which will then be utilized for the repairs.

The agreement requires the city assume all maintenance and financial costs associated with the replaced items for the next 20 years.

The repairs in question were the replacement of the septic tank and absorption field at the airport’s terminal building, and a precision approach path indicator (PAPI) light.

Domínguez told the council that both repairs were “essential” to the airport.

According to a memo given to the council members, the septic tank’s lid had collapsed, posing a danger to the airport users.

The other repair involved damage to the motherboard for the PAPI light controls, the memo said.

“The PAPI lights are essential to the airport users, since they guide the airplanes to the correct flight path to the runway,” Domínguez said.

Neither of the repair items were budgeted for the 2013 budget year.

The costs of both totaled $9,175.62, the memo said.

Using the $5,000 from the state – which is the maximum allowance – the city’s costs will be brought down to $4,175.62.

The agreement was approved unanimously by the council.

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