Letters I

Letters I Johnson qualified for Legislature To the editor: I write today to encourage you to cast your vote on Nov. 7 for Maxine Johnson, candidate for District #17 state representative. As a resident of Clay County, I cannot think of a more qualified person to represent my interests in … Read Article


Letters Think twice before stealing items To the editor: I am writing as the manager of the Civic Council. Recently we have had several phone calls from concerned citizens about people taking from our drop boxes at Jones' and HyVee. We have even got the license plate numbers of a … Read Article

Between the Lines

Between the Lines By David Lias Nearly every participant in a legislative forum held last week in Vermillion voiced overwhelming support for at least attempting to do more, funding-wise, for education in the state. In general, District 17 House candidates Judy Clark, B.J. Nesselhuf, H. Junior Engbrecht and Maxine Johnson, … Read Article


Letters Johnson will capably fulfill responsibilities To the editor: When Maxine Johnson announced her candidacy for the South Dakota House of Representatives, I thought about what a good representative she would make for District 17. I have known Maxine for many years and have been impressed by her extensive record … Read Article