Birth Samantha Lauren Gall was born July 22 at 8:30 a.m. at Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus. Her parents are Greg and Sandy Gall of Vermillion. Her grandparents are Carol and the late Arnold Gall, Tyndall, Loren Rudd, Benson, AZ and Gail Elder, St. David, AZ. Samantha's great grandparents are Marian … Read Article

Medic Talk

Medic Talk By the Vermillion-Clay County Ambulance Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition when the body temperature rises rapidly to 104 degrees or higher. The body's heat-regulating mechanism breaks down. It usually occurs after a long exposure to hot temperatures. Working in an extremely hot environment, having a high fever … Read Article

Major road construction on DOT’s drawing board drawing board for Clay County

Major road construction on DOT's drawing board drawing board for Clay County by David Lias South Dakota�s summer and highway construction seasons traditionally arrive at the same time. This year, however, residents of Clay County and Vermillion are experiencing summer�s sweltering heat without having to drive through many highway detours … Read Article